Ukraine's fate is not to be determined without Kyiv at G20 summit, - Merkel

Poroshenko emphasized the importance of the release of the Ukrainian hostages
23:35, 5 July 2017

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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held the phone conversation with the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. They discussed the situation in Donbas and coordinated the attitude on the fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements before the G20 summit in Hamburg. Particularly, it concerns the meeting of the leaders of France, Germany and Russia. The press service of the Ukrainian President reported this.

Angela Merkel assured Poroshenko that the fate of Ukraine will not be determined without presence of Ukraine. The politics noted that the fulfillment of the key points of the Minsk Agreement is in the priority. They expressed the solicitude towards the constant violations of the cease-fire regime by the Russia-backed militants and the threats to the security of the OSCE SMM observers.

Petro Poroshenko emphasized the importance of the release of the Ukrainian hostages, who are in the thrall of the militants and on the Russian territory. The necessity to continue the active contacts in Normandy Format was mentioned during the phone conversation to make Russia to fulfill the Minsk Agreement.

Merkel thanked Poroshenko for his participation in the farewell ceremony of the former Germany Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Strasbourg.

The leaders of Germany, France and Russia will discuss the issue of Ukraine within G20 summit.

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Sesil MakKheyl

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6 July 2017, 04:49
Ukraine should not view Germany as a friend. It was Germany who built advanced military training center in Russia which is use now to train troops to invade Ukraine. it was Germany who sold lethal weapons to Russia while refusing to help Ukraine with lethal weapons today. Germany is more concerned with money from Russia than Ukrainian lives. Germany will embrace Russia more in order to secure more money as Germany businesses build their empire in Russia. As long as Germans are not dying it is okay for the German nation! I remember Germany and Russian once before signed agreements to cooperate. Does anyone think it is not the case it? Germany is pushing ahead to become more dependent on Russian energy allowing Putin to control Germany easily by turning the tap off. Never haa Merkel spoken out against Russian troops killing Ukrainians. Merkel wants Ukraine to give Putin approval rights over Ukraine's Constitution and political make up.
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