Medvedchuk: Ukraine to receive European vaccine against Covid-19 only in second half of 2021, while production of Russian one already launched

Source : 112 Ukraine

The politician urges Ukrainian authorities to save people's lives by reaching an agreement with the Russian side
22:15, 16 October 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
112 Agency

Ukraine will be able to receive a European-produced vaccine against coronavirus only in the second half of 2021, and the production of Russian analog has already been established. This was stated by the Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life party, Ukrainian MP Viktor Medvedchuk in an interview with four Ukrainian television channels, Newsone reports.

"Do you want to say that Russia produced this medicine to let people die? In order for it to be a sham? This is why today many government leaders, ministers, regional leaders, and the leadership of the Defense Ministry were vaccinated, as I have been told by Putin? Is this a provocation on the part of the Russian Federation? Why is it being assessed so primitively and brainlessly in Ukraine?

Moreover, the EU has already stated that a possible vaccine that would be distributed and which could be delivered to Ukraine was expected only in the second half of 2021. And what about Russia? The official statement of the government: 800,000 vaccines will be produced in November, in December - 1.5 million, in January - 3.5 million, and from March the monthly production of the vaccine will be 15 million doses. 15 million doses. Is there really no need to negotiate the purchase of this vaccine? I think that the Minister of Health, as well as other wiseacres from this system and in power, should have taken another approach. Yes, any means, (in this case - the vaccine against coronavirus) in connection with the changes to the law that we introduced in March in the fight against coronavirus, we determined that the means registered in the territories of the USA, EU, China, and some other countries can be used on the territory of Ukraine without registration. Russia is not on that list. This was a strategic mistake made by both the parliament and the state authorities," the politician stated.

Medvedchuk also advised to the Ukrainian government:

"Declare that this vaccine needs to go through the registration stage in Ukraine in order to use it. Go down this path. Start negotiations as the President of Russia said: 'Yes, the official authorities have to apply, and we will start negotiations on the provision.' But before that, there was a conversation, between the president and government officials, whether supplies to Ukraine are possible. He was told: 'Yes, supplies of vaccines to Ukraine in order to protect the health of Ukrainian citizens are possible.' Why are we not doing this? Why are we not choosing this path, but are waiting for some vaccine that might appear? And at this time we hear reports from several American companies that abandoned the vaccine at the trial stage since the result was apparently negative," he noted.

"Well, and actually, this is already a well-known fact, I publicly said that my family and I had been vaccinated. And this vaccine gave the result. What is it? I came to Ukraine and passed a blood test, I emphasize, in Ukraine, not in Russia. And I was given a certificate that testifies to the following fact, where it is indicated, that is, the amount, titers of antibodies in my blood, and on the right there is such reference material, in the same document, which is issued by Ukrainian healthcare institutions, about the fact that up to 10 units of antibodies mean that the result is negative, that is, there is no protective reaction to coronavirus in the body and blood, from 10 to 12 - the result is dubious, over 12 - the result is positive, counteraction to the coronavirus. My result is 58.77, this is the evidence of how effective the vaccine is. How effective it is today. And therefore, of course, the statements of Mr. Zelensky and his team do not cause anything apart from indignation, incomprehension, and immense sadness," Medvedchuk added.

According to him, "instead of thinking how to save people, how to negotiate on the vaccine, they are saying that it is Russian, they are saying that Russia is an aggressor, I return to our first topic. But at the same time, for Ukraine Russia is second partner in trade and economic relations because China has already taken the first place. This means that you can trade with Russia, you can sell certain types of products, you can buy imported products, but you cannot buy vaccines. Why? Is this a political position? Sorry, but people's lives, people's health, mass morbidity are at stake. Bring out the situation when in the last days the number of cases is approaching 6,000 a day when 100 people die a day. Is it not a sign, which requires real actions by the authorities?"

As we reported earlier, Russian leader Vladimir Putin does not rule out that his country could provide supplies of Sputnik-V vaccine to Ukraine.

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