"Traitors everywhere": Media release correspondence between MP Tyshchenko and pranker

A pranker who calls himself the Joker posed himself as Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka; he contacted the lawmaker from Servant of the People party
15:32, 4 November 2019

STB TV channel news agency published the correspondence between MP Mykola Tyshchenko and the pranker who calls himself The Joker. The latter posed himself as Ruslan Ryaboshapka, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. The correspondence concerns the current situation in Servant of the People party faction, Tyshchenko's opposition to Oleksandr Tkachenko, the candidate for Kyiv mayor's office. They also talked about the under-the-table pay that goes to Servant of the People's MPs. 

Judging by the date, the Joker's correspondence with Tyshchenko began last plenary week, before the sex scandal with MP Bohdan Yaremenko; the lawmaker had a live chat with a prostitute as the paparazzi took the picture of him. It was the same pranker, the Joker, who urged Yaremenko to apologize - and, again, he acted posing himself as Ruslan Ryaboshapka. 

So, the Joker, under the disguise of Ukraine's Prosecutor General contacted Tyshchenko. The MP did not hesitate to tell him about a tough future he could possibly face if things continue to go this way.

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"Without me, the business is f***ed up. They destroy my reputation. I thought, there was a team, a family, a community, all for one and stuff - and then I'm f***ing stunned. My wife cries; every day, she tells me they would put me to jail))) I really don't know what do I do next", Tyshchenko wrote. He listed the number of changes in his public image as a politician who covered the distance from a "fool" to a "faggot", as he himself expects it to develop.  

"At least I'm a fool, then I'm a doofus, then I'm a junkie, then Dobkin stuff; then, I clashed with Yarosh for law 2045-1 related to Donbas conflict. And now, I'm an underboss (certain media spread the information that Tyshchenko allegedly was appointed as an underboss in Kyiv, which he denied, - 112 International), and soon, they'll tag me as a faggot", he wrote. 

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Another "f***-up in the party", as the MP put it, was Oleksandr Tkachenko, the ex-General Producer of 1+1 who suffers from a "superiority complex".

When the pranker said Tkachenko had no chances to win the election, Tyshchenko directly told him that the party would "f*** up" the elections. He continues, revealing a couple of interesting details". 

He confirms information of that Tkachenko leaked the defamatory rumors about “Kyiv underboss” to media in revenge for resisting the creation of “New Kyiv” Interfactional Union (IFU).

“I didn’t sign his shitty IFU, and people (the majoritarian MPs withheld), so he ran to Brodsky Misha (owner of Obozrevatel website Mykhailo Brodsky, And Brodsky’s partner Tretiakov Sasha (I won over him on 219th constituency), the one that Lutsenko’s godfather !!! and so on, he’s also Tkachenko’s 1+1 partner.”

Tyshchenko continues to complain to the pranker about the lack of party discipline and offers Ryaboshapka to establish it together. “Traitors everywhere,” Tyshchenko describes the situation in the faction.

Then the conversation goes into a specific area - salaries in envelopes, which wrote about a couple of weeks ago. The journalists of agency described how, to whom and in what sums the government gives salaries in envelopes to the MPs.    

Pranker “Joker” provokes Tyshchenko to have a frank conversation on this topic and says to the MP that his party members wanted to write a statement about how he was distributing salaries in parliament, and Tyshchenko just asks: “How many were there?”

Pranker complains about the traitors and tattletales MPs, and asks Tyshchenko a philosophical question: “Fuck you see the level of f**kers after they were given salaries in envelopes, 20 people went to leak information and tattletale, and those who took it did it, actually.”  

Tyshchenko adds “I asked a history teacher at school lesson once: why couldn’t they keep hold of Ukraine. He said I was small, I didn’t understand ... I understand it now, bitch.”  

The ‘Prosecutor General’ informs Tyshchenko that they could have taken the video of him distributing the money, and asks him to come up with something so he does not to personally distribute the parliamentary earnings. Tyshchenko asks for advice on how to do this. “Tell me, please, I will change the tactics.”

MP is trying to find out from the fake prosecutor who of the same party members told on him.

They also talked about MP Medianyk, another hero of paparazzi investigations, who recently was caught on cameras of discussing how he intended to resolve issues with the “ocean” and “sugar” through prosecutors. Contrary to expectations, Medianyk was not expelled from the faction, and the incident itself was left unpunished. Tyshchenko tells the ‘Prosecutor General’ that Medianyk was kneeling before him, trying to explain that it was not like that.    

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