Traffic collapse, vaccination queues: How Ukraine copes with quarantine?

Author : Polina Davydova

Source : 112 Ukraine

We are talking about the situation in the red"regions in order to imagine what other regions should prepare for in the near future
23:30, 19 October 2021

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As of October 18, five regions of Ukraine are in the red quarantine zone. These are Kherson, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions. A lockdown has also been introduced in Lviv, although the city is still in the orange zone in terms of indicators.

According to the new rules of the Cabinet of Ministers, the lockdown does not apply to vaccinated citizens.

On the first day of the lockdown, long lines appeared near the mass vaccination points. The reason for the sudden rush is that many people need a vaccination certificate to go to work. Security guards in the shopping center began checking visitors' covid certificates, and some shops and restaurants closed. In Kherson, a transport collapse was formed due to the new rules of the mayor's office.

What's going on in Kherson region?

Kherson has been living with the restrictions of the red zone for several days - since October 15. Restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues can only operate if all employees and their visitors are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Hundreds of people are still queuing at the vaccination points without observing social distance; there are only three such centers in Kherson, TSN reports. The center opened at 10:00, and the queue appeared from 05:00. Also, workers of enterprises are vaccinated by mobile teams.

This morning there were queues at stops in the city: buses must carry passengers only in seated places, so not everyone could get into the cabin during rush hour. The local MOST newspaper reports that due to restrictions, minibuses do not work, since it is unprofitable for them to transport a limited number of passengers, and they face fines for overcrowded buses. The city authorities are trying to introduce additional public transport and trolleybuses on the routes.

Zaporizhia region

In Zaporizhia, restrictions on the red zone began to operate on Monday. From the very morning, long queues of people wishing to receive a dose of vaccine for a covid certificate appeared near the mass vaccination points of the population, TSN reports. Even a place in the queue in the morning does not guarantee a result - physicians today physically cannot vaccinate everyone. The city plans to open two more points.

Schools in Zaporizhia are on a two-week vacation, universities have been transferred to distance learning. Most of the shops and outlets are closed, there are also working ones, but access is only by green certificates.

112 Agency

The city has moved into the red zone due to the catastrophic situation with the coronavirus: about a thousand Covid-19 patients are diagnosed in the region every day. 79% of beds with oxygen in hospitals are already occupied, reports Of the 2,782 places that are reserved for the treatment of patients, as of today, 2,199 are occupied.

Dnipropetrovsk region

In Dnipro, the red zone is ignored for now, reports Ukraine 24. Shopping centers, non-food markets, most cafes are open. There are no police patrols on the streets and in transport, although not all passengers are wearing masks.

So far, no restrictive measures have been introduced in the operation of electric vehicles and buses.

On the first day of the lockdown, the corridors of the institutions where the vaccination centers were opened were overcrowded, Informator reports. Most people gathered within the walls of the Menorah Center. Here the vaccination queue took up the entire corridor. In two other vaccination centers - at 12 Stolyarova Street and 19 Bogdan Khmelnytsky Avenue - there were noticeably fewer people. However, the premises are still full.

Odesa region

In Odesa, from the very morning, minibuses were packed with passengers, almost no one puts on masks, reports Ukraine 24. Shopping centers are open, admission was free in the morning, only a few hours after the opening, security began asking visitors to show a vaccination certificate or test.

Restaurants work, you can go inside only with a certificate or a PCR test, those without, sit on the summer grounds. Many restaurants have moved to takeaway format.

Warning signs appeared in the mall, and the guards are checking the certificates in the smartphones of everyone, the newspaper Dumska reports. The malls themselves are practically empty, some outlets are closed - sellers could not get to their jobs. In some stores, shelves with non-core goods are fenced with ribbons, admission is free. Conflicts arise from time to time, when a person has received two vaccinations, and the certificate has not been formed.

Small department stores were opened. Perhaps in these only the seller has a certificate and checks them with visitors, in some stores they only ask about vaccinations and take their word for it.

Odesa residents began to actively vaccinate themselves at the weekend, queues lined up at the vaccination centers. 16,914 people were vaccinated over the weekend, and this is a record.

Donetsk region

In the two largest cities of the Donetsk region, which are located in controlled territory, Kramatorsk and Mariupol, there are queues at the mass vaccination points.

So, in Kramatorsk, in one of the shopping centers, hundreds of people queue up in the morning. Another 8 points operate at city polyclinics, the Eastern Project reports. Some queue up from 07:00 and earlier.

In Mariupol, special groups will be created, which will include representatives of the patrol police, Ukrtranssecurity, a laboratory center (former sanitary station). They will check certificates and PCR tests. According to Deputy Mayor Arkady Meshkov, inspections will not begin today, because entrepreneurs will need to reorganize to work according to new rules. However, observance of the mask regime will be checked in public places and city transport.


Lviv city authorities went ahead of the curve and imposed severe restrictions on the red zone even before the official transition. Thus, according to the indicators of the Ministry of Health, the city is still in the orange zone.

The queues for vaccination points in Lviv are also long, the excitement began at the weekend. Until now, the number of people vaccinated with two doses in the region is small. The mayor's office may strengthen the lockdown from November 1, if the number of vaccinated does not increase.

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