Top 10 fakes of the Russian propaganda about Ukraine in 2015

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Using the media monopoly, Russia spreads more and more hideous stove-pipings
20:00, 1 January 2016

Ukrainian journalist and blogger Alexei Minakov made a selection of top 10 fakes created and spread by the Russian propaganda machine in 2015. The list was published at the, website of a popular Ukrainian news magazine. According to Minakov, these fakes have every chance to come to be seen as “disgrace and insanity of Russian journalism”. The manifold stove-pipings concerning Ukraine, conflict in Donbas and the occupied Crimea were listed and commented as follows.

1. Drunk Negros dance on the top of Ukrainian military vehicles and threaten people in Debaltseve

LifeNews TV channel released news with a resident of Debaltseve telling a story how she walked down the street and saw an infantry fighting vehicle. “So it passes by, and there are drunk Negros dancing on the top of it. And they point at civilians with their guns. Some granny and her grand-daughter come by, they point their machineguns at them, then the granny loses conscience and the soldiers just stand there and laugh. “Hopefully, the recently announced staffing reduction by 30 percent will put a wet blanket on LIfeNews journalists”, Minakov wrote.

2. The tourist flow to Crimea grows like a weed

Russian propagandists shot a promotion video dubbed “A shorter way to Crimea” and started to manipulate figures. NTV channel reported an increase of tourist traffic in Crimea by 70-80 percent compared with 2014. Too bad they forgot to mention there were almost no tourists at the peninsula due to Crimea’s annexation by Russia in 2014. This caused complete failure of the 2015 tourist season in Crimea. Due to the power blockade of the peninsula, it’s not like the situation will improve in 2016.   

3. Ukrainian military servicemen downed the MH17 aircraft with surface-to-air missile

Komsomolskaya Pravda published a staged video, shot from inside Buk, allegedly Ukrainian anti-air defence system. The reel was supposed to prove the direct involvement of Ukrainian servicemen in the downing of the Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines that took place over the rebel-held section of Donetsk region in July 2014. “However, this video appears to be less memorable than the last year’s fake implying that the aircraft carried passengers who were already dead”, Minakov noted.  

4. Yatseniuk fought in Chechnya, tortured and killed Russian POWs

In an interview, Head of Russia’s Investigation Committee Vladimir Markin accused Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk of inhumane and horrific crimes concerning his alleged participation in military actions in Chechnya back in the 1990s. Later, this embarrassing statement was refuted even by Kremlin-backed Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

5. Saakashvili had sex with under-age transvestite

NTV channel showed almost an hour-long TV spot “In bed with Saakashvili”, shocking the audience with revelations of the Odessa governor’s alleged lover. Many people know that there are beautiful young girls in Saakashvili’s team. But sex with an under-age lady boy – that was clearly redundant, so Saakashvili’s secretary didn’t even comment on that fake created and spread by the Russian propaganda.    

6. Drunk Porosohenko tried to board on the plane to Moscow but was stopped at the airport

Moskovskiy Komsomolets, RenTV and a number of other Russian media spread a rumour about the Ukrainian President who was allegedly spotted in an airport – drunk and demanding to go to Moscow. The fake was refuted by a German TV and radio company, which the news resources referred to.

7. Demented Ukrainian Russophobes and Nazis destroyed the Mother Motherland statue in Kyiv   

A post at the social network showcased the decapitated statue of Mother Motherland in Kyiv. The post’s author couldn’t help but write “happy now?” underthephoto.The“sensation” wasspreadbymanypro-Kremlinwebsites. Actually, it was the photo from the 1980s, taken during the construction of the statue.     

8. Ukraine joined the list of the ISIS enemies

The video record released allegedly by the ISIS contains the list of its mortal enemies. For some reason, Ukraine and other peaceful countries were among them. Experts noted that the pattern and stylistics used in the video match those created by Russian TV studio My Duck’s Vision, which already received its 15 minutes of glory with fancy videos about iPhones lying on the bottom of the ocean and networks of secret bunkers under McDonald’s.

9. Thousands of Ukrainians lick their chops about the Russian aircraft tragedy in Egypt     

A horde of Russian trolls posing themselves as Ukrainian network users posted tons of cynical comments regarding the disaster. The situation was aggravated by the interference of Russian media. They poured oil in fire accusing Ukrainians of callosity and staleness. Nonetheless, many Ukrainian politicians expressed their grief and condolences on the occasion, and citizens brought flowers to the Russian embassy in Kyiv.    

10. Since January 1, 2016, men under 45 won't be allowed to leave Ukraine

The full-fledged and explicit Russian fake emerged in many Ukrainian outlets, but never became the top news. The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces reacted instantly, and even threw in a joke, posting on its Facebook page: “Father Frost won’t visit those who spread rumours and unverified information”.     

Obviously, there is a huge flow of fakes and rumours thoughtfully created and spread by Russian propaganda. Undoubtedly, using the state media monopoly, Russia will keep on spreading even more hideous fakes, which in Ukraine are nothing but another reason to laugh.   

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