Theresa May calls for review of Britain's anti-terrorist strategy

Source : 112 Ukraine

The politician mentioned the possibility of tightening the terms of imprisonment for crimes related to terrorism
13:23, 5 June 2017


In connection with the change in the nature of threats to British society, it is necessary to check the antiterrorist strategy of the security services for its effectiveness. This was announced on Sunday by British Prime Minister Theresa May, reports Interfax.

"But as the nature of the threats we face becomes more complex, more fragmented, more secretive, especially in the Internet, the strategy must respond to them in a timely manner." Judging from what we know about the changing threat, we need to review the British antiterrorist strategy to make sure: the police and security services have all the powers that are needed, "said May.

At the same time, she allowed the possibility of tightening the terms of imprisonment for crimes related to terrorism.

The prime minister called for greater international cooperation in cyberspace in the fight against terrorism and extremism. She also mentioned the need to defeat the Islamic State grouping in Iraq and Syria.

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Cees Boogaart

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5 June 2017, 14:10
Only way is to warn families around terrorists they will be held responsible , and make society more secular, besides separation of church and state also of religion and state. And breakdown the asylum/refugeeindustry which make ruthless subsidized NGo’s big money! First people must see NOT all muslims are terrorists, but sofar all muslim terrorists are SUNNI muslims, who follow the Saudi & Gulfstates extreme Wahhabism sunni islam (friends of USA and UK a.o. ) , it aren't SHIA muslims. When first sunni muslim terrorists appeared in France, I've written a manuel on my dutch blog how to adress and prevent such SUNNI muslim terrorist attacks and put it recent in english on my reddit russiawarinukraine with the title "The peacefull majority is and were always irrelevant | How can we adress and prevent (SUNNI MUSLIM) terrorist attacks?" Sofar with May's warning to the families (and supporters) of the terrorists she started on the right way, but she has to go much further...
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