The Debate Disaster

Author : Rob Dreher

Source : 112 Ukraine

It was a disgrace, and Donald Trump is almost entirely at fault
23:22, 1 October 2020

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I am busy today doing interviews for my book, but I want to make a quick post about last night’s debate. I think it was a landmark in American history — in all the wrong ways.

It was a disgrace, and Donald Trump is almost entirely at fault.

Old Joe Biden is a feeble man, no doubt about it. Trump hit him hard a couple of times in the debate, and showed how weak he is. He is going to be a transitional figure towards a harder, more ideological left, which will dominate him if he is elected president. I expect no good things to come to us from a Biden administration. He refused to say he wouldn’t engage in court-packing. I expect that wokeness will advance throughout the government, paralleling its march through society’s institutions, and that life for conservatives, small-o orthodox Christians, and other dissenters will get much tougher.

Having said that … my God, I never imagined I would see an American president refuse to say he would accept the results of the election if he loses. That’s our democracy, right there. That’s it. A constitutional democratic order depends on the peaceful transfer of power. Trump’s refusal simply to follow the ordinary rules of debate last night — his constant talking over Biden — symbolized his inner refusal to live by the rules that govern our constitutional order. It was repulsive and frightening. He is unfit for office.

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He pointedly refused to condemn white supremacists. He disgustingly rubbed Joe Biden’s face in the fact of Hunter Biden’s drug abuse — something that I don’t believe will play well at all with most people. All of us have in our families or circles of friends someone who has struggled with drugs or alcohol. One of the things I admire about Joe Biden is that he has not disowned his failson. I think Hunter Biden’s capitalizing on his father’s power for personal gain is fair game, but for pity’s sake, don’t trash a man’s son for his brokenness with substance abuse. If they weren’t politicians, but two ordinary guys in a bar, I would have loved to have seen Joe Biden walk over and cold-cock Trump for trashing his boy.

I can’t believe I wrote that line about a presidential debate. This is what Trump, the chaos agent, brings to our politics.

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