The closer elections are, the more interest politicians show in Donbas conflict, - expert

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Direct negotiations are always the most effective ones in terms of diplomacy, so it’s counterproductively to pursue the EU or the U.S. asking to solve our problems
12:59, 24 September 2018

The nearer the voting day is, the more the Ukrainian politicians start showing interest in the Donbas conflict. Certainly, this is a top topic as it corresponds to the key request of the community, all the surveys show that most of the Ukrainians are concerned with the war and peace issues, and not NATO, EU or local church. Kyrylo Molchanov, a political expert, wrote it on his Facebook page, as Comments reports.

He believes that the so-called “war party” which seats in the Parliament is not pursuing any settling. Their current status quo is a way to distract, and a possibility to steal, as the defense budget reaches a fantastic scale.

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“Moreover, the hawks demand to adopt some law on collaborationists and deprive all the Ukrainians of the voting right in occupied Donbas,” Molchanov said.

According to him, the problem is that the President follows them, he is trying to “become radicalized before the elections fighting for the far-right voter”.

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As the expert notes, “the guarantor said nothing about the peaceful settlement of Donbas conflict on the Independence Day, and delivering a speech in the Parliamentб he claimed the right for a force scenario, yet he did not tell about the casualties and consequences”.

Therefore, the political expert is convinced, that one should not be satisfied with some illusions, that the current authority will endeavor to return Donbas.

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“At best, they will continue repeating like a mantra things about “lack of options of the Minsk Agreements”, while doing nothing to implement them.

In this context, Molchanov stresses that the request for the peace party, organized by Vadym Novinsky, has ripened long ago and even over ripened. Analyzing Novinsky’s peace plan, the expert says that it is quite effective.

“For instance, the ban on consideration of the humanitarian issues, connected with the language, church and history, will help to get support over the demarcation line, as the current extreme imposition of the humanitarian paradigm will not make Donbas closer. Any peace plan is introduced after the succession of and compromises. Novinsky proposes a wide decentralization under the Italian pattern, where each region can receive as much authority as it can in terms of economy, if all the regions have a special status”.

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“Direct negotiations are always the most effective ones in terms of diplomacy, so it’s counterproductively to pursue the EU or the U.S. asking to solve our problems. If it’s impossible through the official channels, such institution like church should be involved, Metropolitan Onufriy has demonstrated his effectiveness in the talks on hostages exchange multiple times,” the expert says.

Also, Molchanov said that the peace-support mission is proposed to join the direct negotiations, de-centralization. The mission had to move gradually from the demarcation line to the border. Including the complex program on the economic restoration and the guaranty of all the rights of the citizens, provided in the Constitution, including the electoral ones.

“In general, Novinsky’s peace plan could not only bring peace to Donbas in the future, but it also looks rather realistic and possible. It corresponds with Ukraine’s national interests more, than the demagogy of its opponents a la “war to win,” he wrote.

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