Tapes of Derkach: What Biden told Poroshenko?

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A new portion of “Poroshenko-Biden records” became public
23:38, 23 June 2020

The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and U.S. former Vice President Joe Biden
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If only Major Melnychenko knew 20 years ago what Pandora’s box he was opening, having published audiotapes recorded from under Kuchma’s sofa! Ukraine has grown ears and began to listen to everyone and everything. Especially now, when we have digitalization and the state in a smartphone, as President Zelensky claims

Put my favorite record on

On June 22, MP Andriy Derkach, together with the ex-prosecutor Kostyantyn Kulyk, convened a press conference to provide the public with a new portion of “Poroshenko-Biden records”. On these tapes, Derkach announced there is evidence of the existence of international corruption and the external governance of Ukraine.

That is, it was, as is clear from the context, about the continuation of a long-standing scandal. More specifically, about Burisma, with which the son of former US Vice President Joseph Biden was directly associated. (In 2014-2019, Hunter Biden was a member of the Burisma board. This fact gave Donald Trump a reason to accuse his father of promoting his son’s business interests in Ukraine using a high position.) For closing this case, Derkach said, the relevant structures were offered a bribe of $ 50 million.

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The story with Burisma, says Derkach, had a new development after the appearance of the head of Prosecutor General’s Office, Ruslan Ryaboshapka. Who generally argued that no business exists. Derkach and Kulyk state that at first a number of Biden companies appeared in suspicion in the Burisma case, but then they mysteriously disappeared. According to Derkach and Kulyk, the Anti-Corruption Bureau in the past conducted surveillance of former Attorney General Viktor Shokin and transferred the information collected to the US Embassy in Ukraine.

But that's not all. On tapes, a “voice similar to Biden’s voice” protects the lobbyist of his energy interests in Ukraine, the head of Naftogaz Andriy Kobolev. Derkach claims that $ 1.5 billion were stolen from the state budget of Ukraine through gas schemes to which Kobolev was involved.

And here is the answer: Biden no longer asks for Kobolev, but Poroshenko solicits for his protege Yury Lutsenko. The context is: Poroshenko wants to put Lutsenko at the head of the Prosecutor General’s office and asks the “interlocutor” for this.

The MP Derkach did not spare time for high-quality infographics and presented a considerable table with a complete analysis of those involved in international corruption schemes called DemoCorruption. At the head of the scheme appear Biden and Soros.

Just in case, we recall that the current portion of records from Derkach is already the second. A month ago, he released audio materials on the same topic: about a conspiracy between Biden and Poroshenko. The day after the promulgation, May 20, 2020, the Office of the Prosecutor General announced that he had included information on high treason and abuse of power or official position in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations.

This article directly threatens Petro Poroshenko. He himself - like, by the way, Joe Biden - calls the tapes falsified. Poroshenko’s position is that he never discussed Burisma with Joseph Biden. As for Biden, he publicly admitted that Ukraine’s allocation of a billion dollars in financial assistance directly depended on whether then-Attorney General Shokin would be dismissed. However, Biden does not remember Burisma either.

This, so to speak, is a summary of the work. And now about his topic and idea. Although the necessary preliminary remarks concern the authenticity (or not) of the tapes presented. Indeed, the perception of this material will directly depend on the authenticity of the records. The position of Poroshenko and Biden has already been stated, and regarding Derkach himself, he claims to have received notes from investigative journalists whose incognito he does not disclose.

Interestingly, another person involved in the films - Viktor Shokin - does not believe in Derkach’s version regarding their origin. In an interview, Shokin says the option with reporters who themselves listened to the president’s conversations sounds unconvincing. Although this does not mean that the records are fake. According to Shokin, President Poroshenko could be taped ... President Poroshenko himself (the question – why? - remains open) or his influential opponents (for example, ex-MP Onishchenko) who had the corresponding capabilities. Derkach said today that audio recordings are Poroshenko’s home archive.

However, conspiracy theology, although important now, is nevertheless of secondary importance. At least one plot from the films is completely clear: Biden himself confirmed that he put the issue of financial assistance to Ukraine dependent on Shokin’s dismissal. And Shokin was eventually eliminated.

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We will not analyze his virtues and vices as the Prosecutor General of Ukraine now. Because the key here was different: Ukraine played up to the whims of America. That is, it did as the colony does in relation to the mother country. The fact that President Poroshenko was almost 100 percent sure of the victory of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the US presidential election can at best explain this situation. An explanation, but not an excuse.

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Ukraine miscalculated, and it was not the Democrats who came to power in America (which Biden should embody, in particular), but the Republicans led by Donald Trump. Complete independence of the state would have made this fortune-telling impossible: Trump? Clinton? Red elephants? Blue donkeys? Ukraine would not fuss between two haystacks and would not choose between options for what to do: close / open criminal cases, dismiss/appoint prosecutors, and the like. All this could happen in case of complete autonomy. Which, alas, we do not have.

In such non-independence, it is customary for us to blame the authorities. Yushchenko (for West support for the Orange Revolution), and Poroshenko (for Euromaidan), and Zelensky (for the inability to choose the right key in a conversation with Trump) get negative. And, probably, all this is fair and deserved. At least to a certain extent. But the fact is that no one ever criticizes the actions of America itself.

No, not even in the vein that there is a kind of "world backstage", the "Washington Regional Committee", which leads a worldwide conspiracy and seeks to dominate everyone. It's a shame that no one condemns America in a, so to speak, biblical sense. For it is said: Lead us not into temptation! And for a poor country, a figure with nine zeros is still a temptation.

Do not play a wealthy relative who is throwing a billion. Do not play the adult-child relationship, where an adult knows best who is worthy to be the attorney general and who is not. In a word, do not be like America. Be friends, but without constant technical tasks. For, in the end, when these tasks are sent over the phone, and then recorded by interested parties and thrown onto the Internet, both sides suffer.

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This is what comes to mind first when studying a "tape" topic. Actually, America is deeply indifferent to Ukraine, and this is a fact. So it is even more difficult to forgive this tendency to play on someone else's weakness and dependence. Actually, America also had different periods of development. No wonder its current leader wanted to make his country great again. That is, some part of past greatness was lost forever.

So why not have at least a little compassion for those who, with extra effort, pave the way for their own greatness? Maybe Ukraine will become America over time? It’s the largest country in Europe after all. Now it sounds like a utopia, but the main thing is to help us get on our feet, and not constantly knock us down.

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