Swastika appears on LED-staircase at shopping mall in Kyiv

Source : 112 Ukraine

The incident is due to the hacker attack on the mall's network. A number of Israeli media noticed the incident, which, according to the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, is due to the recent march of C14, the far-right movement
15:52, 19 February 2019

Swastika at shopping mall in Kyiv
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A swastika symbol appeared on the LED-staircase at Gorodok Gallery shopping mall in the Ukrainian capital. The incident actually occurred on February 16. 

The mall's administration reported a hacker attack on their computer network and apologized for the incident. 

Kristina Samharadze was the first to publish the video. Then, it was quickly re-posted by Eduard Dolinsky, the head of Ukrainian Jewish Committee. 

He linked this event to the torchlight march of the far-right organization C14 under the slogan "Bandera, rise!" Dolinsky added that the mall's address is Stepana Bandery Avenue, 23 (Bandera was an ideologue of far-right totalitarian nationalism; in 1934 convicted in Poland for terrorism, in 1939-1941, collaborated with the Nazis).

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Earlier, on February 18, about 500 far-rights rallied under the building of the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Kyiv, as Radio Liberty agency reported.

The rally was a response to an incident, which happened a few days ago, when pro-SBU (for which read, pro-Poroshenko) far-right organization C14, included in the American terrorist base, came with rubber-bullet handguns, knives, and Teren 4 pepper spray (carrying of which requires special permission) to Tymoshenko’s meeting, held in Kyiv downtown, allegedly to discuss with Yulia Tymoshenko “who killed Handziuk.” The far-right provocateurs were detained by the police, throwing some of the far-right to the ground, and one police officer was heard shouting, "On the ground, Banderite!" Police detained but later released 18 far-right protesters, as the other far-right came to assault the police station.

Later Ukrainian police and law enforcement officials apologized for their colleague's slur and launched #IamaBanderite flashmob, associating themselves with supporters of militant Ukrainian nationalists who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.

Israeli media paid attention to the story.

The images and the video 'show shoppers climbing up and down the staircase, whose middle-section stairs feature a large swastika locked in a white rhombus encircled by red, similar to Nazi Germany’s flag. The street where the shopping mall is located is named for Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who briefly collaborated with Nazi Germany in its fight against Russia', The Times of Israel wrote.

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Jewish Press apparently blamed the Kyiv community for anti-Semite sentiments. 'One has to wonder what Jews are still doing there, and what more it might take to convince them to leave, if not for their own safety, then at least for the well-being of their families', the news agency concluded.

The mall's administration insisted it does not endorse any of the activities related to the Nazi symbol that appeared on the staircase.

The hackers are now on the wanted list.

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