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Authorities are trying to bring discredit on Viktor Medvedchuk as a pragmatic, strategic and influential politician in Ukraine, Russia and EU countries
13:32, 27 February 2019

Opposition Platform - For Life
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On February 21, 2019 the judge of Shevchenkivsky District Court in Kyiv adopted a court decision to commission linguistic examination in a criminal case No.42019000000000273 on violation of foreign territorial supremacy and state treason.

According to the court decision, the experts of Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise of Ukraine’s Justice Ministry and Ukraine and Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Special Equipment and Forensic Expertise of the Security Service of Ukraine shall give an estimate to the statements of Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of the political council of the Oppositional platform – For Life, presented at the all-Ukrainian Congress of the party, where he presented his conception plan to settle peace on the occupied territory. There is no escaping the fact that the abovementioned institutions are under the jurisdiction of the Security Service of Ukraine and Ukraine’s Justice Ministry, thus they may be used as repressive structures to pressure the oppositional politician.

This court decision attests to the fact that authorities resort to legal mayhem militating against Viktor Medvedchuk.

When the investigator demonstrates unprecedented eagerness and traces state treason in the words of the politician, appealing for peace, civil consent, unity and preservation of territorial integrity, it becomes obvious that these are links in a chain. Authorities are trying to bring discredit on Viktor Medvedchuk as a pragmatic, strategic and influential politician in Ukraine, Russia and EU countries.

Before conducting the expertise, the experts shall answer the questions like: “what mean “public calls for territorial changes”, “public calls for the change of state boundaries of Ukraine”, stirring up national and religious hatred”. It shall be noted that Victor Medvedchuk has not used these expressions in his speech. Apart from that Ukraine’s Security Service has demonstrated that they don’t have the scientific and expert-based understanding of these terms.

Another question sounds surprising: “Does the text of the speech of Viktor Medvedchuk on 29.01.2019 contain public calls for actions, what actions exactly if it does?” It’s obvious that the question is framed in the manner which requires a positive answer to later use for further political persecution of Viktor Medvedchuk.

No doubt that the disposition of the criminal offense incriminated to Viktor Medvedchuk is of biased and expressively deliberate character, which is typical for police states.

The plan offered by Viktor Medvedchuk is based on the Package of Measures for Implementing Minsk Agreement”, approved by the Normandy Four (heads of Ukraine, Russia, France, and Germany) and adopted in the Resolution of the UN Security Council.

The initiative on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbas, voiced by Viktor Medvedchuk, is a realization of his constitutional rights, namely the right to freedom of thought and speech, right to freely express views and beliefs.

Opposition platform – For Life regards these actions of the authorities as a revenge for the fundamental and consistent position of Viktor Medvedchuk towards the ways of peaceful settlement of Conflict in Donbas.

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