Soros needs another Maidan: Why Poroshenko went to London

Author : Ihor Valsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

On external governance, the new Maidan protests and the political dilemma of Zelensky
21:47, 9 October 2019


At the end of September, the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the ex-head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva in London. She is being cured after an accident with a car, which, according to her, is the work of Igor Kolomoisky. Poroshenko and his wife gave Gontareva a T-shirt with a thematic print - everything looked cute and innocent.

But about 10 days before, Gontareva told in an interview that after an incident with setting fire to her house, Poroshenko, didn’t even write SMS with support, and they haven’t talked since May 2017, since her resignation. And then suddenly Poroshenko leaves everything and, in the midst of the political season, goes to London to give a T-shirt to a woman for whom he did not even care of.

Of course, in fact, Poroshenko did not go to London because of Gontareva. A law enforcement source claims that the fifth president met in London with American billionaire George Soros, and the meeting with Gontareva was used as a “cover”. We don’t know what Poroshenko and Soros talked about, but after this visit Poroshenko from small strikes on Volodymyr Zelensky moved to the open organization of the new Maidan protests. Does this have any connection with the negotiations with Soros?

Soros in Europe is known for financing and supporting various NGOs, as well as the opposition in those countries which government does not like Washington. At least that happened before, when the democrats who supported the billionaire were in power. Now, Donald Trump has declared jihad to Soros and his influence in countries such as Ukraine, Hungary, etc.

The US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who, as Trump said, defended not the interests of the USA, but her personal and other private individuals, was very loudly dismissed. Trump was referring to Soros, since Yovanovitch in Kyiv supported the members of organizations sponsored by the billionaire, lobbied for staffing decisions that were beneficial to the Democrats. In particular, it is about the dismissal of Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who was dismissed for trying to dig in the direction of the son of Joe Biden. When Trump figured it out, Jovanovic was immediately removed from office. Zelensky, in turn, fired the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Valery Chaly, who was involved in a scandal on Ukraine’s interference in US elections on the Democratic side.

Trump, with his usual straightforwardness, demanded that Zelensky investigate and publicize the corruption of the Biden family. The message is simple: in 2016, you interfered in the elections on the side of Hillary and almost drowned me, now do me a favor. Otherwise, no money, no meetings.

Zelensky was in limbo: to stand on somebody’s side means to repeat Poroshenko’s mistake made three years ago. What if the election is won by the “wrong one”?

But recent events, as well as the publication of the transcript of the conversation, made it clear that the Ukrainian president is ready to do this service for Trump. Moreover, judging by the American press, Democrats believe that Zelensky is already working in conjunction with Trump, betting on him in 2020. This means that the political future of Joe Biden may be buried. That is why the top of the Democratic Party forced events by launching an investigation into impeachment, although there is no existing evidence for this. A typical information campaign - the country is now talking about Trump, who presses on Kyiv, and not about Biden, who earned and laundered dirty money in Ukraine.

But sooner or later this wave will settle down, and if official Kyiv publishes a report on Biden’s corruption, the elections for the Democratic candidate will be over. It does not matter whether it is Biden or someone else, but the party has covered corruption, this scandal would not be washed  off so quickly.

Therefore, the Democrats took the lead. According to our interlocutor, in London Soros and Poroshenko discussed the possibility of removing Zelensky from the presidency, guided by the logic "no man - no problem."

That is why the last week, according to many media loyal to the previous government, there has been a massive criticism of Zelensky. Several of my acquaintances in a number of publications confirm that the editorial policy towards Zelensky has become tougher. In social networks, the so-called "Soros fans" sound the alarm - Zelensky "surrenders" Ukraine to Russia. The apogee of this heat of passion was a large rally in the center of Kyiv on Sunday. As the participants themselves say, this is Maidan for Zelensky. And Zelensky has something to think about, because this is the case when his opponents have nothing to lose. I mean Petro Poroshenko and his team, which is now saved from prison only by the help of Washington, or rather, the US Democratic Party. Petro Poroshenko now simply has no way out: either he does what Soros says, or the new government imprisons him.

Democrats can sacrifice Ukraine for their personal goals in the struggle for the presidency of the United States. And Trump for the sake of preserving this very place can surrender Ukraine. Therefore, do not be surprised if in the near future the topic of the new Maidan will be relevant, becoming a destabilizing factor for our country. Will Zelensky prevent Ukraine from turning into the arena of a showdown between Trump and Biden, continue the course towards a peaceful settlement in Donbas and free Ukraine from external control?

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