SkyNews told about the secret Russian land operation in Syria, Russia has called the investigation a fake

Both TV-channels do not publish reliable evidence proving their point, being only limited to circumstantial evidence and words
15:49, 10 August 2016

Sky News

British television channel SkyNews published an investigation about war in Syria, stating that Russian contractors secretly fight there, being hired by a Russian private military company "Wagner".

It is reported that about 500-600 of Russians were killed there during the ground operations against the terrorists of "Islamic state" and the rebel groups, but they are cremated or registered in the documents as deceased in Ukraine or in car accidents, so nobody will never know.

Alleged contractors are paid almost 4 thousand dollars per month.

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One of the alleged mercenaries under a false name Dmitry tells this information to the journalist John Sparks in the video story. His face is not shown, and the voice is changed, that is, which makes possible to identify him.

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He also claims that before going to Syria, mercenaries of the private military company Wagner were fighting in Eastern Ukraine and participated in the annexation of the Crimea.

At the same time the Russian TV channel "NTV" refers to the material as fake and tells about a professional actor in the theater-studio Oleg Budankov Alexander Agapov, who allegedly played the role of a contractor Dmitry for 100 thousand rubles from SkyNews.

To confirm his words, NTV publishes a fragment of record from the voice recorder, which Agapov allegedly used to record his interview and to confirm the authenticity of the fact that it was he later.

Comparing the two fragments of films, published by NTV and SkyNews, it is impossible to claim that the same person is recorded as the British journalists deliberately changes the interviewee's voice "for confidentiality".

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