Single act performance: video of Avakov-Saakashvili argument released

Source : 112 Ukraine

Strong talk, mutual accusations and "blah-blah-blah" in Ukrainian politics
16:39, 16 December 2015

112 Agency

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov published the video of his argument with Odessa governor Mikheil Saakashvili. According to Avakov's post at Facebook, he received the tape from the Presidential Administration, though it refused to publish the video at first, saying it was a personal, not public matter.

112 International encloses the full verbatim to the video:

Avakov: I attentively listened to your speech. I don’t get it. You said the government is behind the corruption practices. You said it, though inconclusively, but clearly and explicitly.

Saakashvili: I said it quite conclusively.

Avakov: Let me speak first, then it’s your turn.

Saakashvili: That was very conclusive. And I will prove my words and I’ m going to make it public.

Avakov: “Blah-blah-blah”, is that what you say in such cases?

Saakashvili: What do you mean “blah-blah-blah”? No one ever talked to me like that.

Avakov: Iwill.

Saakashvili: I don’t give a damn how you speak.

Avakov: Get out of here and…

Saakashvili: I urge you to be polite. Unlike you, I don’t have billions of cash stashed elsewhere.

Avakov: I am not talking to you. Pick another place to tell people about your billions.

Saakashvili: Russia used to search for my billions and failed. I advise you search for it really good.

Poroshenko: Just a moment, stop it everyone.

Saakashvili: A corrupt minister…

Avakov: Shut up, you corrupt governor.

Saakashvili: What?!

Avakov: You heard me.

Poroshenko: Please!

Avakov:  Thief! (strong language)

Poroshenko: Arsen Borysovych, no dirty words please.

Avakov:  There was none.

Poroshenko: Yes, there was. Arseniy Petrovych (Yatseniuk), please…

Avakov: I’d like to finish my speech.

Poroshenko: Yes, please, adhere to the agenda, not to commentaries on the speech. Please.

Avakov: We are talking about privatization of state property here, and that includes privatization of the Odessa portside plant. But I have a question for you, Mr Saakashvili, do you prevent privatization of the plant or not?

Saakashvili: I’m not going to discuss anything after your questions. I will argue with you in public, and I will prove you are a thief, and I’ll prove the government is behind corruption in Ukraine. Unlike you I don’t have so much money, but I’ve got conscience, dignity and reputation, and I won’t let some Avakov guy, this corrupt minister and well-known thief, talk to me like that. I have nothing but my reputation. I’m not going to let some caught stealing minister…   

(Avakov tosses the glass of water at Saakashvili)

Poroshenko: Arsen! The meeting’s over…

Avakov: You bastard…

Saakashvili: Thief!

Avakov: Yeah, thief…

Saakashvili: You will go to jail, oh you will. Villain! You said I have to leave this country – your country, didn’t you? I’m a Ukrainian, by the way.

Avakov: So am I.

Saakashvili: No, you’re a thief!

Avakov: And you’re a bigmouth and drama queen.

Yatseniuk: Rattle-brain, that’s who you are.

Avakov: An actor on tour, a jerk.

Yatseniuk: An actor on tour and a bigmouth.

Avakov: Shithead…

Yatseniuk: You were invited to this country to do your job, not to go into political affairs.

Saakashvili: You insult the country, you insult members of the parliament and the Ukrainian nation… And you will hold responsibility for this!

Poroshenko: Dismissed!

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