Should President Zelensky be impeached after offshore data leak?

Author : Kyrylo Kikvidze

Source : 112 Ukraine

In the coming year, the slogan of Zelensky's election campaign about putting the perpetrators behind the bars may finally be timed to coincide with real results
17:00, 5 October 2021

112 Agency

In the coming year, the slogan of Zelensky's election campaign about putting the perpetrators behind the bars may finally be timed to coincide with real results, only, ironically, against the president himself. Indeed, after the data leak, which was published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in the "Pandora Dossier," Zelensky is likely to be impeached. Although this reason, of course, is not the only one.

To begin with, in a couple of weeks, Zelensky will cross the equator of his presidency. And, given his extensive list of 2019 campaign promises, he has critically little time left. And there is a lot to be done: from achieving peace in the Donbass and the law on "rule of the people" to the independent provision of Ukraine with gas and a funded pension system. So far, Zelensky is moving along the course exactly the opposite.

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For example, last week the OSCE SMM recorded the largest number of shelling in Donbas in 14 months. Zelensky himself, in the absence of any effective negotiations with the parties to the conflict, decided to conduct a denser recruitment into the army and introduced a bill proposing an increase in fines for evasion up to and including imprisonment. And, given that Zelensky blocks any real actions of the opposition, Viktor Medvedchuk in particular, upon achieving peace in Donbass, he simply does not plan to end the war in which thousands of Ukrainians are killed.

Zelensky also promised that Ukraine would increase natural gas production, switch to meeting its needs with its energy resources, and even hoped to become a gas exporter to the European market. In fact, experts are now predicting a "gas catastrophe" in Ukraine due to the crisis in relations with the Russian Federation. And all the "European partners" wanted to keep in mind the Ukrainian problems when their own gas storages were emptied. And only over the only politician in Ukraine who was able to agree on frantic discounts on gas for Ukraine by Medvedchuk, Zelensky decides to arrange a trial.

This also includes Zelensky's alleged struggle with the oligarchs. While he is trying in every possible way to "strangle" the oligarch Poroshenko, he himself spits him in hiding assets and tax evasion. By the way, the loss of Poroshenko's ratings before the last elections began with the publication of the "Panama archive". And thanks to Zelensky, Ukraine is now again remembered in the world as a state whose leader is involved in global corruption.

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It turns out that there is no fundamental difference between Poroshenko and Zelensky from the word "absolutely". On the other hand, there is only Medvedchuk, who, being subjected to pressure from the authorities and illegal persecution, suffers for his beliefs. And unlike Zelensky, who takes off the last shirt from the Ukrainian people, Medvedchuk never betrayed his clear principles and acted only in the interests of ordinary Ukrainians.

While Zelenskiy controls the parliamentary majority, after the expected resignation of Razumkov, this will not be long. Then the opponents of the president will have every chance of successfully considering the issue of his impeachment. And if he thinks that Medvedchuk has been sitting with folded hands under arrest all this time, then he is deeply mistaken. If the impeachment process is launched, the opposition will act as a strong stronghold, and Medvedchuk will reward everyone who was involved in his arrest.

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