Short guide to upcoming presidential elections in Poland

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Presidential elections in Poland were postponed due to coronavirus. But still, the authorities decided to hold them. And the pre-election patterns in Poland are quite intriguing
10:05, 22 June 2020

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Initially, the presidential election in Poland was scheduled for May 10. But the pandemic intervened, so it was decided to postpone it. It was planned that the elections would be held in absentia. That is, by mail.

As a result, parliament passed a corresponding law providing for a mixed voting system, including by mail.

That is, people still could go to the polling stations. But those who are on self-isolation and others might vote by mail.

Poland also decided that in the event of a serious deterioration in the epidemic situation in any part of the country, an election commission can hold only postal elections in this particular area.

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Polish presidential candidates

Acting President Andrzej Duda

Duda has been serving as a president since August 6, 2015. He ran for the "Law and Justice" party (now the ruling party in Poland).

Prior to being elected president, he was a member of the European Parliament from the same party. In the 2015 elections, he defeated the then-current President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski.

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Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski

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Recently, Tshaskovsky is considered the main rival of Duda in the elections.

Trzaskowski has been serving Mayor (President) of Warsaw since November 22, 2018. He was running for president from the "Civil Platform" - the largest opposition party in Poland at that moment.

Previously, he was a deputy of the European Parliament, Minister of Administration and Implementation of Digital Technologies, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Affairs, and a deputy of the Seim of the VIII convocation.

Since 2020, he became vice-chairman of the Civic Platform party.

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Journalist and TV host Szymon Hołownia

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Former editor of the department of culture of the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper. He worked in a number of other Polish publications, on radio and television.

From 2008 to 2019, he led the television show Mam Talent (2008-2019).

He stood for election as an independent candidate. He positions himself as a person who is not associated with any political parties.


Recent data show that Duda might lose in the second round of elections both to Trzaskowski, and Szymon Hołownia

According to a survey by Maison & Partners, published by Onet, Duda wins in the first round.

If in the second round Duda will have to fight with Trzaskowski, the situation will be as follows: 39% (for Duda) - 42% (for Trzaskowski).

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If Duda competes with Hołownia, they will receive 38% and 46% respectfully.

Moreover, among those who are definitely going to take part in the elections, sympathies were divided as follows:

Duda - Trzaskowski (43% - 46%).

Duda - Hołownia (42% - 50%).

What candidates say about Ukraine


We support Ukraine’s European ambitions, support Ukraine, which was attacked, and today part of its territory is not under its control. We firmly demand that these territories be returned to Ukraine so that Ukraine resumes its borders before annexation (Crimea, - ed.).”


I believe that the stability and prosperity of Ukraine mean the security and prosperity of Poland, so our Ukrainian friends can always count on my support. I would also like Poland to become the speaker on Ukrainian affairs in Europe again. And I will achieve this as a president.”

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Good relations with Ukraine are key to our security, they also have an extremely important human dimension. The role of the president in contacts with Ukraine is traditionally very important, and the ability of the authorities of both states to cooperate should maintain good relations between the peoples.”

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