Second part of wiretapping Ukraine's PM Honcharuk

Source : 112 Ukraine publishes translation of the transcript of the second part of wiretapping of the meeting of Honcharuk and other top officials
13:47, 16 January 2020


Oleksiy Honcharuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine
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The second part of the wiretapping of Ukraine's Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has been published online on YouTube channel named “How to Deceive the President” by

The first part of the audio recording caused a stir. It displays a man with a voice similar to Honcharuk speaks ambiguous words about Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky, specifically, that the president has a "primitive understanding of economic processes."

The Cabinet of Ministers was forced to publish an official statement denying information about the resignation of Honcharuk. The rumors about his resignation appeared after the publication of the audio.

Here's the translation of the transcript of the second part of wiretapping of the meeting of Honcharuk and other top officials.

Honcharuk says that they have “no plans”, the authorities may be accused of “shirking the economy”. Winter bonuses, that country's leaders have already received, are also mentioned.

Transcript of the meeting at Honcharuk. Part two

“Here, in the fourth quarter, the economic growth will be low, it will be 4.4. And according to some other estimates, it's going to be 2. And the statements like "these reforms give a kiss of death to the economy", or "the Soroses came in and the economy is growing 2 and lower". will follow. And you won’t be able to prove anything to anyone," Honcharuk says in Russian, meaning the percent of GDP growth.

The Prime Minister continues:

“And for a President, this all generates the image that the situation is uncontrollable. We don’t understand. We have no plans. And you really don’t have any,” says Oleksiy Honcharuk, addressing his subordinates.

“On the budget, I don’t understand how to do it right. There is no solution,” the prime minister said.

Then Kateryna Rozhkova, the first deputy head of the National Bank speaks:

"Let's look for solutions to the already existing questions. Globally, everything is fine."

Finance Minister Oksana Markarova:

"It is incomprehensible to anyone but us."

"We cannot draw economic policies. We have the ministers in their ministries for that. Together with Tymofiy (Mylovanov, Minister of Economics, - ed.)... Let's make a three-, five-year..."


Markarova: “If we continue doing that... That is, our policy is ... One, two, three. That is, in a concession agreement (agreement between the owner and investor on investing money in the property objects - ed.)..."

Rozhkova replies:

"Our task is to ensure macroeconomic stability. It already exists. These things should be demonstrated. Then, probably, we will be able to say: that we are going this way."

Tymofiy Mylovanov joins conversation:
"How shall we answer the question: the currency is strengthening, but ... I do not understand."

Yekaterina Rozhkova says:
“Let’s be clear here and say that things like the exchange rate and inflation affect the economy... You know, a good idea may be... Take a country like us. Well, for example, there is a strong potential in army..."

Dmytro Sologub, Deputy Head of the National Bank of Ukraine: "Argentina?"

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"No. Argentina - it’s just Danylyshyn's scenario to go ... To track how the economies were changing and how things are going now. I don’t know ... Australia."

Yulia Kovaliv, deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine (the first who speaks Ukrainian):

“I apologize. We are just talking about a la economic strategy. About the changes. We did not discuss anything we need to do. And it seems to me that the key issue is: what do we need to do in economic policy."

She continued:

“Even the plan that the deputies of the ministers submitted to the government’s program of action ... It mainly says: “tax incentives, tax incentives...” If we introduce this, the IMF will...”

Markarova interrupted:

"And to make bids for bunch of bonuses in winter."

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“Well, look, first - macro. It's controversial. Second - what we can do. And all the rest that we call import substitution, and so on ... Now it can be built in different ways. The question now is: if we agree on this, then many things will depend on our communications ... when we start talking about this ... You know, people are people ... Their thinking begins to change, it's true.


Earlier it was reported that a record appeared in the network where allegedly the Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk, the first deputy head of NBU Kateryna Rozhkova and the Finance Minister Oksana Markarova discussed the dollar exchange rate and economic issues before meeting with President Zelensky.

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