School or distance learning: How Ukrainian children will study from September?

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The authorities are still deciding what to expect from the next year, but there are already assumptions whether schoolchildren will sit at their desks and what parents should prepare for.
23:26, 7 July 2020

A principal of one of Kyiv's schools violated safety rules during a lockdown
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In the spring, Ukrainian educational institutions transferred to distance learning. This happened as part of the lockdown declared throughout the country due to the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus infection.

This school year ended according to the same scenario: in front of a webcam, mainly without holiday celebrations and graduations. The authorities are still deciding what to expect from the next year, but there are already assumptions whether schoolchildren will sit at their desks and what parents should prepare for.

Have you decided something yet?

There is no final decision as to whether the children will go to school on the first of September or perhaps remain on distance learning.

This is very important to remember. After all, the closer to September 1, the more rumors appear that everything has supposedly been decided for a long time distance learning and no one will go to school.

"There is no such decision inside the Cabinet. So far, adaptive quarantine has been extended until July 31. It is difficult to judge how the epidemic situation will develop," said Deputy Minister of Education and Science Lyubomyr Mandziy.

When will the school year begin?

According to Mandziy, for schoolchildren this will happen from September 1, for first-year students - from September 17.

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At the moment, it is known for sure that in September all the Ukrainian schools will undergo the so-called corrective education.

What is it?

Testing the knowledge of students. Corrective training will give teachers the opportunity to find out what material and to what extent the children learned during the quarantine.

“That is, they (teachers, - ed.) must“ diagnose ”the situation with the material with which students worked during quarantine. And this will be the time when teachers, having understood the situation, can explain, repeat and summarize individual topics for that in order to align the situation with the teaching material, "explained Manziy in an interview with Radio Liberty.

School lessons or distance learning?

The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) does not exclude the extension of distance learning in the fall.

"There is a possibility that in the fall most of the Ukrainian schools will have to switch to distance learning, therefore, appropriate technical capabilities should be prepared today," said NSDC Secretary Olexander Danilov.

On June 27, Prime Minister Denys Shmygal during a conference call with the participation of President Zelensky, law enforcement officers, heads of regional state administrations and mayors asked the latter to help educational institutions prepare for distance work.

What does parliament say?

According to the chairman of the parliamentary committee on education and science, Serhiy Babak, Ukraine is not ready for distance learning.

In an interview with Radio Liberty, he noted that distance education and online education in the country cannot replace full-time education, but can only serve as an “additional tool” for gaining knowledge.

At the same time, Babak added that it is distance education that can be a way out in a pandemic, despite criticism, including from parents.

“As for September 1, I understand that people don’t want distance education. I understand that it’s often their own interests (“ I have no one to leave the child with ”) ... I understand everything. There are a lot of reasons, and all of them have the right to exist. The only thing I have for all parents is a simple question: what if they forbid children to go to school on September 1, what should we do? Do nothing at all? Then maybe distance education is better? Well, it is at least an element of access to knowledge," said Babak.

Wait for the final decision

It will be published not earlier than August, closer to the start of the school year. Then the commission on technological environmental safety and emergency situations, as well as the chief medical officer must decide whether it will be safe for students to return to their desks on September 1.

Everything will depend on the epidemic situation in the country.

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