Scandal in Poland: Ukrainian workers wear different colored uniform than Poles

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The yellow clothes belong to people who do not know the Polish language and the orange clothes are for the people who know the Polish or English
14:25, 9 January 2018

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The citizens of Ukraine were issued the uniform of the different color than the uniform of the Poles at the Lindab Company near Warsaw, Poland as Gazeta Wyborcza reported.

The local entrepreneur explained that the color of the uniform demonstrated the level of the acknowledgment of the Polish language by the worker but the anti-racist union Nigdy wiecej (Nevermore) claimed about the violations.

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200 people work at the enterprise that produces roofs and troughs, including 40 Ukrainians. All workers wear blue pants and T-shirts of different colors depending from the position. A crew chief wears a red T-shirt, a mechanic wear a green T-shirt. The Ukrainians are issued the yellow or orange T-shirts. The yellow clothes belong to people who do not know the Polish language and the orange clothes are for the people who know the Polish or English.

The Nigdy wiecej Union is concerned about such colorful division. Anna Tatar, the doctor points that such system selects the workers from the point of view of the place of born. According to her, the Poles have the T-shirts despite the nature of work and the Ukrainian have the T-shirts based on their nationality.

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'It is the depreciative practice and the finger pointing', Tatar thinks.

Natalia Panchenko, the founder of 'Euromaidan-Warsaw' Community possesses the similar attitude. She claimed that she will fell herself humiliated if she is forced to wear a different uniform then her colleagues-Poles only because she is Ukrainian. At the same time, she pointed that any Ukrainian did not complain officially due to the fear to lose the job.

'Such workers depend on the employer. If they lose the job than they will have only a month to file a new application for the permission to stay and find a new employer that has the intention to employ them legally', Panchenko explained.

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At the same time, the local entrepreneur thinks that such practice of the connection of the uniform color and the knowledge of language has only positive influence. According to him, it simplifies the communication.

'If the crew chief needs to explain something to the Ukrainian who does not know Polish than he can to ask for a help from the Ukrainian in the orange T-shirt', he explained and assured that the Ukrainians are treated similarly to the Poles when the issue is about the awards, bonus payment or holiday's extra money.

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Monika Levandowich-Machnikovska, the Dean of Right and Social Communication Department at Wroclaw Unit of the SPWP University could not estimate the situation. According to her, if the Ukrainians get the same wage as the Poles and work on the basis of the same labor agreements that there is no discrimination due to the labor rights. However, when the employer violates the dignity and other personal rights of the workers there can be a talk about the discrimination.

As we reported earlier an owner of the Bimex shop in Barlinek, Poland Jerzy Bitel hung a sign that urged to check every citizen of Ukraine at the cash-desk. 

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