Savchenko's allocution to Russian court released

Source : 112 Ukraine

The Ukrainian fighter pilot's speech has been released as a letter
19:39, 3 March 2016

"I admit nether my guilt, nor the verdict nor the Russian court itself. In case of the guilty verdict, I will file no appeals. I want the entire democratic civilized world to understand that Russia is a third world country led by totalitarian regime and a petty tyrant, a country where they don’t give a damn about human rights and international law.

It is absurd when those who abduct people first torture them and then pretend to have the right to judge them. What kind of rightful court could we talk about after this?! There’s no justice or investigation in Russia! There’s only charade played by Kremlin puppets, and I reckon it’s useless to spend my lifetime taking part in this farce.   

So there will be no appeal. Instead, I will continue my hunger strike for another 10 days until the verdict comes into force – no matter whether they will provide the Ukrainian translation, because they’re really good at stalling with this. In ten days, I’m announcing a hunger strike, and then Russia has no more but ten days to send me back to Ukraine, back from where they abducted me! And I don’t care what kind of reasons they would provide for that! I heard Petro Oleksiovych Poroshenko is a fairly decent diplomat. I do hope his diplomatic skills are good enough to make a deal with that idiot in Russia, since he promised my mother to bring me back home by early May 2015.

While they keep bargaining for me, I continue to weaken, so Russia will let me go to Ukraine – dead or alive!

My sister will be staying near the pre-trial detention facility for the next ten days. She’ll be waiting there regardless of whether I leave it dead or alive. If you send her to prison, my 77-year-old mother will substitute her. Will you send her to jail, too? Well, then a friend of her will substitute my Mom, and then, other Ukrainians will follow. Remember, youwon’tclapthemallinprison. So while my compatriots stand there, common, honest and decent Russians will start bringing them hot tea, sandwiches and warm blankets, because every one of them realizes that tomorrow, their children may find themselves where I am now, in this prison of nations called Russia!  

That’s the way Maidans start! And do you need this?! You avoid this just like the plague! Because of that the Kremlin would better send me back to Ukraine alive as soon as possible!!!

And the whole world with the democratic values would better learn historical lessons and recall that the Europe tolerated Hitler, and America wasn’t enough decisive so this led to the Second World War. Putin is a tyrant with imperial ambitions, with Napoleon and Hitler complexes all in one!  But the bear doesn’t understand a human speech, he understands only the language of force. So if we don’t become more determined and will not set up right priorities, we’ll be having the Third World War!

And I, as a politician, I will not give my hand to Russia on the political arena. It’s awkward to hold out a hand to one who kept handlocked you and your nation in irons. But taking each and every political decision, I’ll always think about how it impacts on common people, in Ukraine as well as in Russia. Because in Russia, in spite of everything, still there are so many honest, nice and decent people."

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