Nadiya Savchenko's best 6 quotes about the court and detention in Russia

Source : 112 Ukraine

Savchenko: “The court is a farce, the sentence is a bluff”
15:33, 25 May 2016


Before the court started considering her case:

If you respect the international law, then I should have immunity and I should walk free now… But you just keep hunting the international law, which is exactly what Russia does every time. And in that case, of course, you just can judge me any way you want.   

During pleadings in court:

This court proved the guilt of the Russian authorities; they are guilty of annexing Crimea, in starting the conflict in Donbas. They are just sticking their nose everywhere. They organized genocide in Chechnya and Abkhazia. Everywhere, Russian state’s interests dominate over the people’s interest. What this court failed to prove is my guilt. I am the officer of the Ukrainian army, I was performing my duty. You have no right to judge me.

After the date of sentence announcement was postponed:

The court took a week of my life from me. Now you’ve only got a week to decide and, perhaps, I’ll live long enough to hear it. You can admit your own guilt, but you won’t, of course. You can announce the verdict right now, or tomorrow, or a week later – tops. If you decide to announce it two weeks later, or in late April, or half a year later… Well, if you want to demonstrate your strength – do it. But just remember, it’s life we’re playing with. The stakes are high, and I’ve got nothing to lose.

Before the verdict was announced:

I admit neither guilt nor sentence nor the Russian court. And while they keep bargaining for me, my life will keep leaving me, so Russia will have to bring me back to Ukraine – dead or alive!

After the announcement of the verdict:

We made this absolutely clear discovery that the Russian court is not about the law, it’s about the circus. Judges and prosecutors looked pathetic, and after the court, they just drowned their grief in vodka. “It’s over”, they think. As a matter of fact, by announcing the verdict in my case, they just signed their death warrant.

I’ll put it briefly: the court is a farce, the sentence is a bluff. They will bargain for me, and everyone will try to win as much as possible and save their faces. I will decide my own fate. That’s why I’m offering politicians to make a deal instead of trading. No one will win if I die, it will make things only worse. I hope the big guys up there will choose wisely.

Nadiya Savchenko delivers emotional speech in Russian court on March 2, 2016:

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