What's the US Democrats' vision after the election fever's gone

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"A lot of people didn’t want to vote for a woman. A lot of women didn’t vote for her. A lot of them. Millions of them," - Reno Domenico
15:45, 18 November 2016

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After Donald Trump became the President-elect and as the election hots cool down, sat down with the President of the Ukrainian chapter of Democrats Abroad Reno Domenico to ask his expert opinion about the elections, the results and the future prospective of Ukraine and America. This is yet another viewpoint after we talked to the Republican voter earlier this week.

Why the Democrats lost?

“When you don’t get enough votes, you lose elections. That’s how it works. We didn’t get enough votes. For a number of reasons. We didn’t get out a vote, number one, and I don’t think the campaign and the party did what they should do.

10 million less votes than 2012 and even more than in 2008. So significant suppress in votes. So why the votes were suppressed it’s a bit difficult to say. But I think one reason is we’ve had actual voters’ suppression techniques implied by many Republican states. There were 900 less polling stations in these elections than it was in 2012. One interesting thing is in the OSCE ODIHR preliminary report on the observations of the elections in the US. They do point to the facts that we’ve had some problems like that. So there’s been over voting suppression, closing the polling stations, voter ID laws, which we’ve never had (one of the Republican states put the ID laws which made it really difficult for minority and poor people to vote). And lastly, the nasty turn of the campaign which was a deliberate attempt by Trump to make the campaign so distasteful to everybody, that people didn’t want to participate. So that was a very clever technique from their point of view. And the last factor was the FBI letter, that came out 11 days before the elections. It was really huge. Hillary was probably building momentum and then the FB injected itself directly into the campaign. And this is something read out from the KGB play book. I mean in America we don’t assassinate people quickly. We always assassinate people slowly. It’s our preferable approach. So those factors as well as the fact that.. I mean Hillary is not Barack Obama, she didn’t have that kind of charisma, she was a solid candidate, she was the best candidate, she was the most intelligent candidate and the most educated candidate. But she is not necessarily the smoothest politician. A lot of people didn’t want to vote for a woman. A lot of women didn’t vote for her. A lot of them. Millions of them.”

In one interview of yours you said that her political career is over now.

“Her career? I think her political career is over. I mean, at her age… I don’t think that she is going to make another running in four years. In our tradition usually, once you’ve lost, you lost. We don’t’ usually repeat the same performance twice. So I doubt seriously that she would be a candidate again. Although you never know. You can never say never. I don’t know whether she wants to do that again. This is her second attempt. She lost 2008 primaries to Barack Obama and now she ran again.”

Many people say that Trump may not be a bad President as the system can leverage his actions. Is it true?

“To some extend our system. It’s not a company. This is not Trump incorporated. It is the United States government. So it is not something you can walk in on January 12 and say “I need a tender for building a wall. Please issue this tender.” That’s not how it works. He is going to have congressional actions to do these things, it has to be appropriated, budgeted… But the fact is they control the senate, they control the House of Representatives, they are going to control the Supreme Court, they are going to have control in all levels of power. So they are going to have a tremendous leverage. Whatever it is, that he intended to do, he already started to backtrack on some things. So I am not sure what he is going to do, but I am not hopeful and I don’t really expect that a Republican Congress can stop him in what he is doing a lot of things he wants to do.”

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Is it possible that the Democrats and the Republicans cooperate some day?

“To some extend they will. But they don’t really need Democratic cooperation. They control both houses in the Senate and in the Congress.”

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Is a split possible inside the Republican party?

“I’m very doubtful about that. I’m not one of them, I don’t’ know what they are really doing internally. But it seems to me that they will accept almost anything in order to get into power. No matter what insults Trump made about most of the Republicans, most of them came onboard and helped him. And I understand they are already having discussions to bring Jeb Bush back in the picture, Marco Rubio. I think that if they had lost, they made some kind of deep vision on the Republican party, but temporarily in a way the situation is not so bad for them. The problem has the Democratic Party right now.”

Do you have a vision if a new government?

“They haven’t made the announcements yet, but we have some ideas whom they are picking to run things, and it not very optimistic. They talk about Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State, Steve Bannon as possible Chief of Staff. Pretty dangerous people. It’s not that much optimistic at the moment to report.”

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What should Ukraine expect from Trump?

“Again, I don't know what anybody can expect from Trump. He ran on a very shallow platform, like “make America great again!”, “Build a wall!”, “No more immigrants!”… He showed very little understanding or interest in world war affairs. I think he said something about bombing Islamic terrorists. I don’t know what he mean. And I don’t’ know what his plans are. I really can’t tell you because his platform is very very scathing and very very weak. We do seem to know that there is very strong relationship between his campaign and the Kremlin. His first congratulatory phone call came from Vladimir Putin. He is talked about having some arrangements or a deal with Russia. As I’ve said other people when you are talking about dealing with Russia, what you are going to make a deal over something. Something has to be traded. And I can’t imagine what that can be other than Ukraine.”

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