Parliamentary speaker refuses to sign decree on sanctions against 112 Ukraine, NewsONE, ZiK TV channels

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"Sanctions against TV channels are always bad, regardless of who introduced them", said parliamentary speaker Dmytro Razumkov
11:00, 3 February 2021

The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmytro Razumkov
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Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Dmytro Razumkov commented on the sanctions against 112 Ukraine, NewsONE, and ZiK TV channels. 

"Sanctions against TV channels are always bad, regardless of who introduced them", he said as quoted by TheBabel.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed the decree on the application of personal special economic and other restriction measures (sanctions) against Novyny (News) media holding. It includes 112 Ukraine, NewsONE, and ZiK TV channels.

According to the decree that is eligible since the moment of signature, the TV channels faced sanctions that will be active for five years. These sanctions make the broadcasting process impossible.

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The sanctions include:

  1. Asset freeze; temporary restriction of the right of the owner to use and dispose of the property.
  2. prevention of the withdrawal of assets beyond Ukraine;
  3. suspension of living up to economic and financial commitments;
  4. cancelation or suspension of licenses and other permissions, the presence of which is a condition to perform a certain kind of activity;
  5. ban of the use of any radio frequency of Ukraine;
  6. abruption of the broadcasting process of TV programs/TV communication services and the use of TV communication networks of general use;
  7. full or partial ban of making deals with valuable papers, emitted by sanctioned individuals;
  8. ban of issuance of permissions and licenses of the National Bank of Ukraine for investments into a foreign country, deployment of currency in accounts on the territory of a foreign state;
  9. ban of issuance of permissions and licenses for deployment or withdrawal of currency and limited issuance of cash from credit cards, emitted by the residents of a foreign country;
  10. ban of passage of technologies, rights on intellectual property;
  11. stoppage of cultural exchange, scientific cooperation, education and sports contacts, entertainment shows with foreign states and foreign companies;
  12. other sanctions, which correspond to principles of their use, which were set by the actual law.

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