Rally participants in Kyiv: who are they?

Source : 112 Ukraine

112 International looks into the responses of those who rallied near the National Bank and the parliament’s building today
18:14, 15 November 2016

Several protests have taken place in Kyiv during the day. Depositors of Mykhailivsky bank came to the Parliament and the National Bank, demanding to return their money; others joined the protests against the high social tariffs, and against the growing exchange rate of U.S. dollars.

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 1
112 Agency

We demand to cut the tariffs; we don’t have enough money to pay for the household utilities. They’ve been raising tariffs monthly, but the pension’s been the same. We have no money to pay. I appealed for the subvention, and they refused. If the dollar grows, tariffs grow, too. We’re so outraged at these tariffs, prices for heating and this damned KyivEnergo (the state-run electricity provider, - 112 International).

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 2
112 Agency

I heard about the actions on the radio. No one told me to come here.    

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 3
112 Agency

We want the tariffs and the dollar’s exchange rate to lower. We want a simpler life.

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 4
112 Agency

We’re here to get Gontareva (the head of the National bank, - 112 International) out of her office. She is doing horrible things. We, the retirees, became three times poorer than before. In Afghanistan, the average living wage is USD 152 per a person; in Ukraine, it’s 40. It’s impossible to make it for this kind of money. We came here for the order to be restored; we want those in the Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament, - 112 International) to be gone. And we want those 120 MPs who served back in the days of our youth (in the USSR, - 112 International). We don’t want any corruption; let 120 MPs serve instead of the 420 that we’ve got now.   

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 5
112 Agency

They wouldn’t give us our money back, so we’ve come here. I am the depositor of the Mykhailivsky bank, and I can’t say how much they owe me. I opened my account there even before their temporary administration came to power.  

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 6
112 Agency

I am the depositor of Mykhailivsky bank; I’ve got more than USD 2,000 there, and I’ve got to take them back. Gontareva blocked that account. So we’re expecting our money back. The Parliament should vote for the bill, which was prepared and sent there by the President.

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 7
112 Agency

I demand the same thing. I’d like to look into the eye of MP Lutsenko who said that the bank pays me.I’ve got the Xerox copy of the respective agreement. I’m afraid such people like Lutsenko will steal my money and say the agreement was faked. I invested almost USD 2,000 and expected to get at least USD 20 per month – just to make it.     

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 8
112 Agency

I'm from Vasylkiv, I come here at my own expense, and I lived here under the Verkhovna Rada and the National Bank in the tent. They say people are paid to strike, but this is not true. I have not seen that people there received money.

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 9
112 Agency

We all come with documents and deposits, passports. We have evidence. We have chipped in for the bus and come to every protest since June.

Mykhailivsky Bank Protester 10
112 Agency

Can I? I am against Savchenko’s law. I was beaten, and repeat offenders sit in jail, two times shorter imprisonment period. I was at the meeting, and really thank those who came. It can be seen that the Ukrainians are an active nation. Yes, it is the meeting of bank clients, but people here came with other problems too... I am from Kirovohrad ... I appeal to Mr. Prosecutor General, if I may. I was at Verkhovna Rada, and I had a lot of support.

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