Raid on 112 Ukraine conducted on Zelensky's personal order, - TV channel owner

Source : 112 Ukraine

MP Taras Kozak сommented on the appeal by the State Security Service, as it sought the arrest of the TV channel's rights through the court decision
22:28, 6 August 2020

Taras Kozak
112 Agency

The attempt of a raid on 112 Ukraine TV channel by the SBU is a personal order of President Volodymyr Zelensky. Taras Kozak, the owner of the channel said so, commenting on the appeal by the State Security Service, as it sought the arrest of the TV channel's rights through the court decision. The law enforcers want to pass these rights to ARMA, the state agency for assets management, but the court declined.

"The attempt of the SBU to pass the channel under the ARMA management - actually, to grab it from the owner, is nothing but a raider attack. Such actions of the special service are sanctioned personally by President Zelensky. A year ago, the TV channel's building was shelled from a grenade launcher, but the government never responded to this outraging fact or the threats against our reporters by avid radical activists. 112 Ukraine unmasks the corruption in the top levels of the government. We did this during Poroshenko's rule and we carry on to talk about corruption and nepotism during Zelensky's reign. The President's Office drowned in corruption. Andriy Yermak, its chairman is an incompetent, inefficient, low-tier manager who makes a disgrace of our country in the international arena and fails in every state business he was trusted with. Zelensky's MPs (Servant of the People party, - 112 International) call hookers to the parliamentary hall, and they also want to sterilize poor Ukrainians. Zelensky set huge salaries for managers of companies, while common Ukrainians don't even get enough to pay for household utilities. And instead of saving the country, Zelensky resorts to the political prosecution of opponents. The actions of the former government did not scare us, and the current one won't, either. The attempt to take 112 Ukraine away from me is a direct pressure of President Zelensky on me as an opposition MP. I and my colleagues in the party will see to it that all workers of the Office of Prosecutor General and the SBU who were involved in these illegal actions are prosecuted. It will be a lesson for those who think of attacking the independent media", Kozak stated.

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The staff of the TV channel believes that the appeal of the SBU to the court is an attempt to conduct a raid on the medium, which was conducted under the direct order of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. The editorial board believes that the actions are totally illegal.

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