Protects all Ukrainians or only a select few? Journalists of Pershiy Nezalezhniy slam Zelensky for rewriting Constitution as he sees fit

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Journalists counted only during two years presidency, Zelensky already grossly violated 14 articles of the Constitution of Ukraine
18:28, 16 June 2021

Volodymyr Zelensky
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On the eve of the celebration of the Constitution Day of Ukraine, the journalists of the Pershiy Nezalezhniy showed how President Volodymyr Zelensky, who received the greatest support from citizens in the entire history of the country's independence, regularly and systematically violates the main law of the country.

"Every president of Ukraine rewrote the Constitution in their own way. Yanukovych - for the sake of strengthening powers, Poroshenko - for political PR, Zelensky - to play a role in history. However, none of them did anything to make Constitution Day more than an additional day off. Ukrainians in 25 years did not believe that the Constitution would save them from legal lawlessness, motivated persecution and that it could guarantee them a decent life. Cheap politics, corruption, incompetence and rewriting of the Constitution for their own petty goals led to the fact that even the first article of the fundamental law is violated every day," the video says.

Journalists counted that only during two years presidency, Zelensky already grossly violated 14 articles of the Constitution of Ukraine. Among them:

Article 1. Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, law-based state.

"In fact, for some reason, the authorities are reporting to G7ambassadors instead of the citizens of their own country. Changes in the country are taking place not in favor of the Ukrainians, but at the request of the IMF," the journalists of Pershiy Nezalezhniy believe.

Article 3. The human being, his or her life and health, honour and dignity, inviolability and security are recognised in Ukraine as the highest social value.

"In reality, a rich life, corruption schemes and the privileges of the president and his "Kvartal entourage" have become the highest value," the journalists emphasize.  

Article 5. The people are the bearers of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine.

People are actually the bearers of election ballots. After that, they are disregarded. One who lied the most in the elections gets all the power. And the issue of sovereignty has long been determined by Western partners.

Article 10. In Ukraine, the free development, use and protection of Russian, and other languages of national minorities of Ukraine, is guaranteed.

In pursuit of ratings, the authorities did everything to ban Russian and the languages of national minorities. If a person speaks Russian, he is humiliated and threatened. People call them enemies of Ukraine. Does the Constitution really protect citizens on some grounds?

Article 13. The land, its mineral wealth, atmosphere, water and other natural resources within the territory of Ukraine are objects of the right of property of the Ukrainian people.

In reality, the authorities are selling Ukrainian land. Rivers are polluted with chemicals. Forests are cut down and transported to Europe. The authorities seem to not even remember that everything belongs to the Ukrainian people.

Article 15. Censorship is prohibited. The State guarantees freedom of political activity.

As a matter of fact, the authorities are eliminating independent channels. They persecute the opposition and its leader Viktor Medvedchuk. The UN condemns such actions. In Ukraine, no one sees this as a violation of the Constitution.

Article 17. The creation and operation of any armed formations not envisaged by law are prohibited on the territory of Ukraine.

In fact, radical activists are attacking the Office of the President. Armed people persecute the opposition and shoot activists. The authorities cover them up and do not regard this as a violation of the Constitution.

Article 22. Constitutional rights and freedoms are guaranteed and shall not be abolished.

Actually, the authorities canceled elections in certain areas of Donbas they control. Thousands of Ukrainians cannot elect local deputies. The government violated the Constitution and cannot guarantee freedom of choice to the citizens.

Article 24. Citizens have equal constitutional rights and freedoms and are equal before the law.

In fact, not everyone is equal before the law. Radical activist Serhiy Sternenko stabbed a man, kidnapped a deputy, illegally stored weapon. He received a year suspended and is now free.

Article 43. Everyone has the right to labour, including the possibility to earn one's living by labour that he or she freely chooses or to which he or she freely agrees.

In reality, Ukrainians cannot earn money at home in order to have a decent life. Millions go to Poland. Does the constitution of Poland provide more rights to Ukrainians than the constitution of their homeland?

Article 49. Everyone has the right to health protection, medical care and medical insurance.

In fact, Ukraine is the only country in the world that has twice banned the production of the COVID-19 vaccine. Political decisions of the authorities have led to the fact that Ukraine has lost the ability to produce thousands of doses of vaccine every month. The death toll from coronavirus has already exceeded 50,000.

Article 53. Everyone has the right to education.

As a matter of fact, the authorities are closing schools and universities. This program is financed by Western partners. Zelensky wants to spend a billion hryvnia for the “President's University,” where 120 students will study.

Article 107. The Council of National Security and Defence of Ukraine is the co-ordinating body to the President of Ukraine on issues of national security and defence.

In fact, the Council of National Security and Defence of Ukraine has replaced the courts and law enforcement agencies. It turned into a tool that Zelensky uses to repress and fight the dissidents. The question of security was replaced by the president's PR. For its sake, he violates the Constitution.

Article 126. The independence and immunity of judges are guaranteed by the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.

Actually, Zelensky decides the fate of judges and courts. He calls them insignificant and demands to dismiss them contrary to the Constitution. Perhaps because he believes this is how the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine should act.

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