Petition to reform TV and Radio Council appeared on President's website

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The initiator of petition with the demand to reform the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine is Ukrainian human rights activist Semen Gluzman
14:59, 7 October 2015


On the Presidential website appeared a petition to defend the freedom of speech and reform the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting. The author of the petition is a human rights activist Semen Gluzman.

The petition filed October 6, 2015. In order the President response to it, 25 thousand of votes are needed. 

The full text of the petition:

"In fact, I wanted only one thing - freedom of speech in my country, back then called the Soviet Union. I wanted very much. And as a result I got a considerable prison sentence. I really did not want to read, listen and see what was imposed on me by thousands of party ideologues and other overt and covert "experts".

Today, half a century later, I do not want to see and hear only what the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting offers me. For example, I do not like the show of Savik Shuster (there is always too much of Nestor Shufrych and his soul friends), but I can NOT to watch his show by myself, without the help of the members of the National Council.

And I really like to watch and listen to the 112 Ukraine channel, despite the apparent dislike to it by the National Council members. But I do not like the fact that the National Council has excessive area of competence, regulating what actually I should regulate as a viewer and listener. A similar domain of competence possessed the Soviet psychiatrists who diagnosed with the picturesque canvas of apostates from the canons of socialist realism.

It does not have to be this way. The opinion of the President of Ukraine and the pro-government parliamentary majority cannot be the only and decisive in the formation of a technical (and not ideological!) body - the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

That is why I ask my fellow citizens who want to live in a democratic state instead of living in a relic of the nonexistent USSR departed into oblivion, to initiate the creation of a draft law on the other, a truly democratic national council, where, for example, the composition of the members will be the following:

- Two representatives of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. One - from the ruling coalition and another - from the opposition;

- Two representatives from the President of Ukraine;

- Two representatives of journalistic non-governmental organizations;

- Two representatives from the broadcasters.

I hope my fellow citizens will support my desire to deprive the National Council of the status of political and security agency. "

Semen Fishelevych Gluzman,

Doctor, former political prisoner

# zmіnynatsradu [# ChangeNationalCouncil]

To support the petition

As it was reported before, 1+1 TV channel took off the air the broadcast of TV program Shuster LIVE. The broadcast of talk show was renewed over 112 Ukraine channel. Later, the anchor of Shuster LIVE received a letter with a demand to stop broadcasting TV program on 112 Ukraine channel reasoning that by the violation of license agreement.

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Earlier, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting issued a number of warnings and sanctions in the form of a fine on the leader of information broadcasting - 112 Ukraine TV channel. Moreover, on September 3 the regulator decided to annul licenses for digital broadcasting channel 112 Ukraine ostensibly because of failure of the order to return to performing the conditions of license agreement.

Reportedly, people`s deputy and leader of "Motherland" faction in Verkhovna Rada Yulia Tymoshenko made a stand for the liberty of speech in Ukraine during the Coordination board in Ukrainian Parliament. She called the Parliament for consideration of attacks upon independent media in Ukraine. In particular, the MP mentioned 112 Ukraine channel and Savik Shuster`s political talk-show Shuster LIVE.

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