Oksana Marchenko shared her plans in political career: Environment, protection of church and Russian language

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The famous TV presenter is concerned about deforestation and problems in the life of Ukrainian canonical Church
22:00, 1 March 2021

Oksana Marchenko, press conference, Kyiv, March 2021
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Famous Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Marchenko who previously claimed joining the ranks of Opposition Platform - For Life party shared her plans on first steps in politics.

Pershiy Nezalezhniy TV channel broadcasted the event where Marchenko held a speech.

"What can I do? I could go into environmental programs. I am really worried about deforestation. Actually, I participated in such public actions, where these guys planted trees, and so on. Well, it's just funny because it demands political will, it demands the will to say: "Hold it, we will not be chopping down the trees because there's moratorium, and we cannot sell raw lumber". But look, who's listening now? No, they pass laws, and there you go - there are naked mountains", Marchenko said.

Besides, Oksana Marchenko intends to protect Ukrainian canonical Church.

"Secondly, I will do so... this project called Pilgrim, it vows to protect our canonical Ukrainian Church. Because neitehr God, nor the Church need any protection; but the people who are its body need it, indeed. So, all these people, our Orthodox Christians who also suffer from iniquity... Look, they are about to close our Church, too. What else will they come up with?  So, this is what I'm definitely going to do. I already said, I'm going to carry on with charity activity, that's for sure. Of course, I also could do somethign related to education programs, because I am a certified teacher, too. And I get it", she said.

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Marchenko also claimed her plans to protect Russian language in Ukraine. "Today, people can't get due education; for example, Russian-speaking people can't study in their native language. It means that Ukrainians, the future generation is being pushed out, they will be incompetitive. And why? Because today, high science uses six world languages, and Russian is one of them. So, what is easer for a Ukrainian: to learn English, French, Chinese or Russian? Of course, you can also welcome to learn English, German - please. But what's wrong with studying more? So of course, the education programs are necessary and important in this regard", the TV presenter said.

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According to Oksana Marchenko, she will do the same as the members of the party: focus on work, because it should be "a very powerful, understandable, transparent political force that exists and should be supported by people."

"I will not surprise here. Today I will do what the members of the party do. And this unity is actually a very right thing. Party discipline comes first. It's like on television: collective work is the most wonderful, noble work. As Lobanovsky said: "I don’t need stars in football, I need a star team." Therefore, it seems to me that all our tasks should now focus on one thing. It should be very powerful, understandable, a transparent political force which must be supported by people. We must convey what the Opposition Platform - For Life is going with to the future elections," Oksana Marchenko summed up.

Earlier, Oksana Marchenko decided to join the party after the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) imposed sanctions against the spouses.

"Until yesterday I was only a wife, a rear guard, a mother. But you, without realizing it, forced me to take up political weapons to stand next to my husband and go to our common goal together. Now instead of Medvedchuk, you also got Marchenko," she said in a video on Youtube.

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