Oksana Marchenko presents her new project ‘Pilgrimess,’ answers questions about political carrier

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On March 1, the press conference of Oksana Marchenko for Ukrainian mass media took place before the premiere of the new project
20:45, 1 March 2021

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On March 1, the press conference of Oksana Marchenko for Ukrainian media took place before the premiere of the new project. TV presenter presented ‘Pilgrimess’, told about her political ambitions and answered other questions of the journalists and guests: Anna German, Volodymyr Katsman, Rostyslav Sukhachov, and many others. The moderators of the press conference are Vyacheslav Pikhovshek and Diana Panchenko.

Oksana Marchenko started her speech with the appeal to the journalists of closed opposition TV channels: “First of all, I would just like to support all the journalists who have worked, work, and continue to work on opposition TV channels and say that I support you. You are the children who told the whole world that the king is naked. He hid behind that invisible, non-existent mantle of popular support. And he got scared. He was afraid of the truth that you told, because you were saying it loud and clear, and you continue to do it now”.

Presenting her new ‘Pilgrimess’ projects that will be released on March 5, Oksana Marchenko noted that the premiere had to be held on the ZiK TV channel. Currently, the release of the first series is planned on YouTube of the TV presenter.

Besides, she noted that ‘Pilgrimess’ movie tells about the things important for all of us. Each series has a name and topic. Despite the fact that it is a real pilgrimage, not fiction, we cover a particular topic – confession, forgiveness, mercy, love and others. The heroes of each series tell their stories and how the belief helped them to survive in particular circumstances.

On the question of the presenter of the air “What do you fell after you were called a terrorist without charge or trial?”, Marchenko answered: “Absolutely groundless, anticonstitutional, non-judicial political repressions against my family. There is no proof. I do not know how they imagine it; it is a lie”. She also told about the activity of her husband: “We have never taken even a kopek from anyone; all taxes are paid. All business is always transparent. What questions?”. Besides, the presenter noted that only in 2019 her family paid over 40 million hryvnias ($1,428,000) of taxes. Marchenko believes there will be the same sum for 2020.

Oksana Marchenko also said the reason for the current authorities to impose sanctions against her and her husband Viktor Medvedchuk: “You know about the terrible sanctions imposed against my husband and me. Why our naked king did it? To intimidate us? Oh, no, he would like to obscure the issue for Ukrainian society. The only hidden goal is to remove from the political arena my husband Viktor Medvedchuk who absolutely calmly, consistently opposed this anti-people’s authority. There was never something illicit in his words. Nobody doubts it. I believe it is a non-judicial political massacre”.

Concerning the political ambitions, Oksana Marchenko said that she wrote an application to enter the Opposition Platform – For life. At the next elections, she plans to run for parliament, until then she will receive special tasks. Marchenko stated that currently, she does not plan to create a separate party and she will stay with her husband. But she does not exclude such a variant.

Ex-MP Anna German, appealing to the speaker of the press conference, formulated her understanding of Ukrainian terrorism: “It has turned out that the terrorism is not Nazi marches with torches; terrorism is not the prosecution for belief or violent upheaval and coup d'état or when people murdered at streets. It is not terrorism; it is Ukrainian patriotism. Ukrainian terrorism is when you construct houses for poor people; when you help the disenfranchised; visit ill people, build hospitals. I know that you construct hospitals at monasteries. It is called Ukrainian terrorism,” German said.

In her turn, Oksana Marchenko noted that she would continue work for charitable causes but at a higher level. Together with her husband, they will do everything to make people in Ukraine live happily and with love in their hearts.



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