Nostalgia for USSR grows in Russia, falls in Ukraine, - survey

Source : 112 Ukraine

Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group quoted a study by GfK-Ukraine, which confirms that the two nations choose to walk separate ways in many terms, including their stance regarding the 'Soviet past'
08:49, 4 January 2019

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Two-thirds of Russians regret about the fall of the USSR, and about the same number of Ukrainians don't, says the survey conducted by GfK-Ukraine. KHPG, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group focused on the survey, which hints on the two different views - and paths - chosen by the two nations.

'GfK-Ukraine reportedly carried out a survey in 2018 which found that 68% of Ukrainians would not want a return to the Soviet Union.  The percentage against any Soviet reinstatement was certainly lower in the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (Donbas), but it was still an absolute majority (54%)', reads the story.

The Group adds that 'such results in Ukraine are likely to be ignored by Russian state-controlled media who expend a lot of time and energy, as well as fakes, on trying to prove how terrible life is in Ukraine'.

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'Russian political analyst Alexei Makarkin gives an interesting assessment of the reasons for Russian nostalgia.  When the Union collapsed, he says, many Russians were relaxed, assuming that the ties between the post-Soviet republics and the others’ dependence on Russia for raw materials meant that, even without a formal Union, the republics would reach an agreement.   While one of the factors for the sharp increase in the idealization of the USSR was the so-called ‘pension reform’, the other, he believes, was events in Ukraine.  “At first there was a sense that Maidan was a temporary thing, then the phantom of Novorossya appear.  Now, however, they’ve understood that Ukraine won’t return and, if it won’t, then others won’t either.  All of this stirs up nostalgia”, the story goes on. 

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