No Russian drones: Ammo depot in Balakliya could be undermined from within, - Investigation Commission

Source : 112 Ukraine

It is noted that a large explosion in a warehouse could be the result of the blast of explosives buried in the ground
17:32, 26 April 2020

Ukrainian Wall

The Interim Investigation Commission, which investigated the circumstances of the explosion of military depots in Balakliya, published a report on the work done. The document said that the warehouse’s explosion was not caused by an attack by Russian drones (this is the official version of what happened), but by deliberately undermining the open storage of ammunition.

It is noted that the Commission came to this conclusion after they listened to the report of the Kharkiv Research Institute of Forensic Sciences director Olexander Klyuyev, who presented photographs and his vision of the situation.
“At a meeting of the Commission on January 17, 2020, the director of the Kharkiv Research Institute of Forensic Sciences, Professor Klyuyev, using photographs, explained in detail that the cause of the explosions on the 65th arsenal in the village of Balakliya was a blasting of the place for open storage of ammunition. Offenders used  exploding explosives deepened into the ground, which was reliably established by experts during the first visits to the scene,” the report says.
According to the conclusion of specialists who, by decision of the commission, conducted a comprehensive judicial military, explosive and fire technical examination, a funnel in the technical territory of the 65th arsenal of the Central Armed Forces of Ukraine was formed as a result of a directed explosion of immersed in the soil charge, which included trinitrotoluene (trotyl), hexogen, pentaerythritol tetranitrate (TEN), which is typical for subversive charges of a cumulatively explosive principle of action.

The report notes that Commission has reason to believe that the undermining of the Balakliya arsenal, which killed civilians, and destroyed ammunition and military equipment, was a deliberately planned action.


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