No one sells his own land, - MP Rabinovych

Source : 112 Ukraine

Co-founder of Opposition Platform - For Life party slammed Servant of the People party, claiming that they promised to lift the moratorium on the land sale
15:06, 19 July 2019

Vadim Rabinovich
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Lifting the moratorium on the land sale is so far the only available offer from the Servant of the People party. Vadym Rabinovych, the co-founder of Opposition Platform - For Life party said so during an interview with 112 Ukraine TV channel on July 19.

"The only point they promised is the land sale. I, for one, believe that based on this, they should not get a single vote now. Let me make myself clear: (...) If you vote for the Servant of the People party, please remember that you vote for the land sale. Remember this when your children ask you: "Dad, Mom, where is my land?"...  No, guys. This is your land. No one in this world sells his own land", he said.

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Earlier, he said that the upcoming parliamentary election in Ukraine is, to a major extent, about choosing between war and peace. "Over the last five years, our country has been locked up in the dead end. Over these five years, we've found ourselves amidst blood and war (...), economic demise. We are a great country that should have become the locomotive of Europe. Today, we've been ranked last in all possible rankings, on the level of African countries. How did it come to this? We should answer this question during this election. We've got to understand: there's either war or peace. This is what we choose on Sunday (the election day in Ukraine, - 112 International). We choose either peace or war in our house. We choose either misery or decent life - the life we are worthy", Rabinovych said.

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