Neither Poroshenko nor Zelensky respond to Russia’s offer on gas price reduction, - Medvedchuk

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Opposition Platform - For Life party wants to follow the way of negotiations with Russia to reduce the prices for the Russian gas
15:29, 7 June 2019

Viktor Medvedchuk

Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life party and Yury Boiko, the founder of the party met Aleksey Miller, the CEO of Gazprom in Saint Petersburg. The sides discussed the issue of the gas price in Ukraine. Medvedchuk noted that neither the fifth president Petro Poroshenko nor the current president Volodymyr Zelensky responded to Russia’s offer on the reduction of the gas price for Ukraine.

“I want to say that the reaction to this meeting was strong in Ukraine, from one and the other side. It was a strong negative reaction from the side of the authority, because the next day president, at that time, Poroshenko, just into convulsions, political near-death, in agony, began to tell, present the essence of our meeting and tell not about the discounts, which can be provided by Gazprom and about which you and Dmitriy Anatolievich (Medvedev, - talked, 25%; he began to say where we went, who went, which negotiations would be held; the Cabinet of Minister was putting on a show, where spoke and ran in so many circles, Mr. Prosecutor General, who opened the criminal proceeding, no, not against Gazprom, against our direct flight with Yury Anatoliyovych Boiko to Moscow. They banned any flights to Russia; however, earlier they provided permission for the flights; they opened the criminal proceeding against the aviation services. Moreover, within the criminal proceeding, which was opened earlier, the SBU appointed the expertise of all statements of our negotiations, what I and Mr. Boiko said,” Medvedchuk said.

“Well, it is all nonsense, actually; we do not care. I want to say that we draw your attention, Aleksey Borisovich (Miller, -, when we come today, to the fact that your message, message of Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev, and in a few days, the confirmation of this position by President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin that really, the price of the Russian gas may be reduced by 25% during the direct supplies; I would honestly say, it was a ray of sunshine in the darkness; it is really for people, who are tired from the payment of the housing and utility tariffs, obviously cosmically improbable. Over 30% today, Aleksey Borisovich, of Ukrainian citizens cannot pay these tariffs, and the price of gas is the basis of these tariffs. So, they perceived it with hope. And that is why implementing this hope, we came today for the negotiations because that authority did not want to do anything; and this authority, Mr. Zelensky and his team, have not come to it yet, at least there is no response came from our country to the offer of Russia announced today, during our negotiations. And I think it does not seem to be announced soon,” Medvedchuk added.

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“Despite this fact, we think that standing up, defending the interests of our citizens, Ukraine, we should follow directly the way of reduction of the price for gas, agree with Russia on direct supplies, solve the issue of transit and actually it is an issue, because starting from January 1, 2020, it is time…when not only supplies of gas will stop in accordance with the transit to Europe, while the transit agreement is not extended; nobody holds negotiations with the Ukrainian authority and it is a really serious issue for the economy of our country. And the supplies of gas will stop, on which, supposedly Ukraine…and it does not correspond to the reality and it was voiced repeatedly. They buy it on the reverse with Europe from the gas European operators. No, it is the Russian gas, which comes at the eastern border to Ukraine; the gas, which is bought and used in Ukraine but according to the documents, it is registered as the reverse. Well, it is impossible to continue the life with this fraud…We want to solve this issue; we are ready to force the authority to follow this way. Exactly with it today’s negotiations and our requests are tied to continue this activity and solve the issue of the reduction of the price for gas in the interest of the Ukrainian citizens,” Medvedchuk concluded.

On March 22, the delegation of Opposition Platform - For Life party headed by Viktor Medvechuk and Yury Boiko held the negotiations on a number of the economic issue with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Gazprom’s Head Aleksey Miller.

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