Nadiya Savchenko: If Ukraine doesn't have agreement with Gazprom, we will buy gas at exorbitant price

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Respondent : Nadiya Savchenko

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'Europe strongly advises us to negotiate with Gazprom. Transit through Ukraine, as they all said, should continue, but neither Merkel nor Biden will sit at the negotiating table with Gazprom to negotiate transit through Ukraine. This should be done by Ukraine and Russia', Nadiya Savchenko said
22:01, 29 September 2021

112 Agency

- In the Voice of the people show we talk with Nadiya Savchenko, MP of the previous convocation.

"ATO (anti-terrorist operation) is a big resort for boys", - this is how the adviser to the chairman of the President’s Office, the representative of the TCG Oleksiy Arestovych, described the armed conflict in Donbas. He said this a few years ago, but he does not back down on his words. How did you feel when you first heard such a statement?

- Knowing all the cynicism of politicians, I react to many of their phrases quite coolly. I interpret his words something like this: he wanted to come out as a cynical lover of truth, but came out as a classic idiot. People who have seen the war say that, in fact, he is right. Others say that he is a disgusting scoundrel, because to say such words to mothers whose sons did not return, or to wives, children whose parents did not return ... Such crap could only be said in a military circle, among themselves, at the table. It is one thing when you are a soldier and defend your country, and another thing when you come to the ATO for a barbecue, for a selfie, for PR, as many of our politicians did. You must be responsible for your words.

- Moreover, in 2017, almost 200 soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed, and 174 were injured. And this is the "pioneer camp" that Mr. Arestovych is talking about. No comments from the President’s Office are made - everyone likes it.

- At the time of Poroshenko, he would have been called an agent of the FSB, and the President’s Office, apparently, is satisfied with such rhetoric of Arestovych.

- There is a version that it very well distracts attention from the issues of tariffs, low salaries and the like.

- It distracts our attention only when we allow our attention to be distracted. I have learned to weed out the chaff from the grain and weed out the unnecessary things from the truth.

- The Cabinet has presented a budget for the next year. This time the name of the budget is Modernization Budget. What kind of modernization can we talk about?

- Forecasted GDP growth is 4%, inflation - 6%. Real inflation will be 10-11%, while GDP growth will be 1.5-2%. There is decrease in funds for subsidies. The impoverishment will be even greater - our country is being driven into a very unnatural way of existence. We have two responsibilities to the state: pay utility bills and pay taxes. And the Ukrainians are doing it. But the state puts us in such conditions that it comes out either-or. Either you pay taxes, work officially and you have no money to pay for a communal apartment, or you pay for a communal apartment and work in the shadows, without paying taxes. We were placed in such conditions that we cannot give the state everything that it requires of us. At the same time, the state does not give society what it should give: the very subsidy that is being reduced, the maintenance of wages at the inflation level. We live in the shadow of the state, and the state is hiding from us.

- How actively will the MPs put forward their aspirations for the allocation of funds to them? What will the MPs be asked to do in order to give them money for the constituencies?

- The budget is not calculated from real data, it is simply drawn. And then it just doesn't get executed. The opposition will not have the right to ask for anything at all, because their votes in parliament are worthless. Majority players from the mono-majority and from the groups that vote for them already understand that the electoral system will be exclusively party-based. And they no longer need to feed the districts to be voted for next time. Here it is better for them to show obedience to the Servants of the people so that next time they will be included in the list. They held out for two years, and everyone understood that power is a tidbit to fight for and to hold on with both hands.

- Regarding the annual gas tariff, PM Shmygal says that we are insured and, despite the frenzied price hikes in European hubs, we can rest assured.

- Who insured us? If Shmygal, then his words are not worth a damn.

- And if there would be other price in winter, what will happen to Shmygal?

- The question would have sounded more serious if we understood that Shmygal would be imprisoned with confiscation of property for incontinence. But the maximum that can be - they will take him away and put in his place the same Shmygal. And he will not be responsible for anything either. And then Shmygal, like his predecessors, will live fine happily, and we will be in bad position.

- Vitrenko made a statement that it would be possible to negotiate with Gazprom on a new transit contract. How will this be perceived and will it happen?

- Our partner Europe strongly advises us to negotiate with Gazprom. Transit through Ukraine, as they all said, should continue, but neither Merkel nor Biden will sit at the negotiating table with Gazprom to negotiate transit through Ukraine. This should be done by Ukraine and Russia. But we do not have an independent vision of Ukraine's development. If we shout that Russia is an aggressor, we are in a war,  then we will buy gas at a market price, as it was under Poroshenko. Through "Rotterdam +" we bought our coal from Donbas - and this is a huge amount of money.

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- Are the guarantees that our western partners give us worth something?

- No. In this world, there are no longer such concepts as honor, conscience, fulfillment of promises. We see what guarantees were given by the United States to Afghanistan. Merkel has never given guarantees to Ukraine, except that Crimea and certain territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions will not be recognized as Russian territories, which she adheres to. We do not need to rely on a single word, and especially on the words of frivolous fools, and these are often representatives of the United States.

 - Therefore, perhaps, Foreign Minister Kuleba says that we no longer trust the West and their promises.

- In the end, Kuleba grows from a boy into a man - like a diplomat. He should have said so long ago.

- The Constitutional Court will consider the transfer of the land market trial to a closed regime.

- I don’t remember such precedents for the Constitutional Court to work behind closed doors. It has nothing to hide. What can be closed for the Ukrainian people here? The fact that Zelensky started this "lawlessness" and arbitrariness in the state, with his totalitarian regime, with decisions to close the media, dismissal of judges, pressure on the judicial system, is terrible. Judges of the Constitutional Court should not go to a closed hearing, should not allow themselves to be pressured by external management. I have come across a lot with the Ukrainian judicial system and became convinced that it is in many ways no better than the Russian judicial system, but this does not mean that we should give us the opportunity to do this. If the judges see that they too can be on trial and that they are not the only ones who can decide the fate of people, they will correct themselves and judge them fairly, because they need to preserve this state. We must defend the right, people must know that the Servants of the people adopted an unconstitutional law on the opening of the land market.

 - And if this happens, how quickly can this story be reversed?

- Schematosis or corruption in the land market has existed for a long time. Now we do not notice that this is also happening, but on the quiet. The consequences of this can be well seen by the inhabitants of Odesa. Our land market is not yet open to foreigners, but to legal companies that may be owned by foreigners. At some point, there will be no longer land- at one point it will start to grow over with fences, hedges. And you will be shown the place where you are allowed to walk. This picture comes with the new State Geocadastre, with the corrupt officials who have settled there, with the villains who are selling land to developers there.

- Are we approaching some kind of social protest?

- Strong and free spirit people rise. Ukrainians are weakening in spirit, weakening in memory. The longer a person's spirit is suppressed, the more difficult it is for him to rebel. Therefore, the Ukrainians today, unfortunately, are not ready for any kind of social protest. They poisoned our brains with fairy tales. They poisoned the purity of the soul with selfishness and greed.

- Blitz. What will the new political season be like?

- Boring.

 - What is the most exciting action under the dome (in the Parliament)?

- Already nothing - we saw everything. The most exciting action will be when the chandelier falls.

- Where is it more difficult: in the mountains or in parliament?

- In the parliament - in the mountains it is beautiful.

 - How to be rich in a poor country?

- Want nothing.

 - What will change after some of the ministers are dismissed?

- Nothing - they will be replaced by the same fools.

 - What is more difficult: maintaining a rating or making unpopular decisions?

- The most difficult thing is to make decisions and be responsible for them.

- What always makes you smile?

- Not much lately. But I love to look at nature, at the living, sincere, which is so little in life and what is so lacking in life.

 - Would you return to parliament?

- Can I not return yet? I am afraid that when I return to parliament, we will have to re-create Ukraine.

 - Thank you.



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