MPs Nayem, Golubov squabbled on air

Source : 112 Ukraine

The discussion turned into a quarrel
10:46, 30 March 2016

112 Agency

Ukrainian MPs Mustafa Nayem and Dmytro Golubov, both representing Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc, had a scrap with each other while on air at 112 Ukraine TV channel. The politicians discussed the opportunity of early parliamentary elections and the current state of affairs in fighting corruption in Ukraine.  

Watch the video:

Nayem: I’m done talking to you.

Golubov: Great!

Nayem: Yeah, and you shut up, OK?

Golubov: You shut up and read a book or something.

Nayem: Look, one last thing I’m telling you… Times change, and people see what’s actually going on in the country. It’s so unfortunate we’ve got to squabble on air with people like you.

Golubov: And like you.

Nayem: People very well understand where there’s corruption and who covers up its tracks and why not a single corrupt official was put behind the bars. And now you’re saying…   

Golubov: Or you are saying Saakashvili is a saint

Nayem: Look, you’re acting as a pretty polly.

Golubov: And you’re acting like an asshole.

Nayem: Alright. So, you’ve been covering up tracks of corrupt officials, telling us that there’s no corruption and it should be sough elsewhere. But people know better. And it does you no credit. Besides, people do understand what’s going on, because they, unlike you, assess the situation in the country. If you see how many people support Saakashvili, me, Serhiy Leshchenko and other colleagues, who have worked hard in this area for years…

Golubov:  Mustafa, I’m so sorry. You’ve got enough support but I feel so sorry about you supporting Saakashvili.

Nayem: You’d better check your ratings and see that there’s none. I feel sorry about having to fight with you this way; I’m so sorry you actually made it to the Parliament. But the worst thing is that you are not even civil enough when it comes to honor, dignity, a woman’s honor et cetera. That’s what you are, and we’ve seen this many times.

Golubov:  I checked my ratings, and that’s the only rating I care about, and there’s a lot of people supporting me, you check it yourself. As soon as a woman enters politics, she is a politician, that’s it.  

Nayem: I hope we will not elect people like you again. I turn to all voters, and your voters in particular – do not support him, he’s a disgrace. Saakasvhili has no party of his own, so let’s see how it goes.

Golubov:  Oh, but there will be one

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