MH17 Tragedy: Netherlands condemn Russia and Ukraine for spying

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The government of Netherlands could have known of the bugging
15:32, 27 June 2018

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Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services were spying the members of the Netherlands mission who came to Ukraine for the investigation of the MH17 tragedy, according to RLT Nieuws, Netherlands news program.

Ukrainian surveillance is a very sensitive question, while the Russian is more structured and broad.

The hotel rooms of the investigators, military, and diplomats who were working in Ukraine at that time were bugged. Notwithstanding the fact that they were recommended to not use the Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms, their devices have been automatically activated and connected to the spot.

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The investigators have been finding bugs in the hotel rooms. Upon their return to the Netherlands, a malware was found on their devices. Devices were reflashed, some of them were destroyed.

The Netherlands' government could have known of the bugging, according to the news program. The joint reply of the Public Prosecution Office, the Police, the Ministry of Justice and Security, the Ministry of Internal and Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Defense says that other parties may invoke the surveillance as the tragedy took place in the conflict zone where the geopolitical interests play the role.

Yet the investigators were warned of risks at the briefings. All important conversations were held in specialized rooms in the Embassy.

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Although, the opposition of the state demands explanations from Ukraine which is the part of the International Investigators Group.

Reportedly, Netherland and Austria have officially condemned Russia in crashing the MH17 flight. In particular, after the investigators from the Netherlands have found confirmation that the MH17 flight had been shot by Russia.

Investigation confirms that the plane was shot with Buka, the weapon that got to the uncontrolled territory from Russian side.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that Russian Buka has never crossed the Ukrainian border. In addition, the Ministry claimed that Russia referred the evidence of Ukraine’s involvement in the Boeing disaster to the investigation institution. According to the Russian military, the plane was shot from Ukrainian Buka.

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As we reported earlier, Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines, flight number MH17, was destroyed while performing a regular flight from the Netherlands to Malaysia in July 2014. The tragedy took place in the sky over the militant-held section of Donetsk region. All 298 people aboard deceased; most of the victims, 196, were Dutch, but there were citizens of other nine countries as well.

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