MEPs condemn criminal case against Viktor Medvedchuk

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David Coburn, Nathan Gill, and Arne Gericke call this the “persecution for political views”
22:15, 5 February 2019

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Members of the European Parliament condemned the criminal proceeding against Viktor Medvedchuk, the representative of the "Opposition Platform - For Life" political party. The MEPS commented on the criminal case opened against the politician for his proposals on settlement of the military conflict in Donbas, voiced at the All-Ukrainian Congress of the party on January 29.

“It looks very much as he is being prosecuted or persecuted for views he held, quite write views which he expressed, for some sort of solution for the problem in the Donbas region. It’s been a lot of bloodshed there. He is coming up with the helpful suggestions. Here in the West you come up with an opposite suggestion, it may not be what people like and what people approve, but the thing is that you make a suggestion to someone to refute that. Not to be arrested, or use that as an excuse to put someone in prison,” David Coburn, MEP, a Scottish politician and businessman, says.

“This is the way of quieting down Viktor Medvedchuk. This is the way of silencing his views. Because in the West here in Europe, if a politician brings forward an idea, we debate that idea. We don’t silence them,” Nathan Gill MEP says.

“The Ukrainian people are longing for independency. They always have their big brother – the Russians – right beside them, right around them and everywhere. What they are longing for is independency, and we have to give it to them. Independency means strength – strength for Ukraine, strength against the Russians. And only each others strength has a future for the country,” Arne Gericke, a German Member of the European Parliament, says. “Viktor Medvedchuk has to be supported by the government in one thing, which is the freedom of speech.”

As we reported earlier, Viktor Medvedchuk, the politician and the head of 'Ukrainsky Vybir' (Ukrainian Choice) political party faces prosecution in Ukraine. Prosecutor General's Office has opened the case against him under two charges.

'On February 5, Prosecutor General's Office submitted the information about criminal violations committed by Viktor Medvedchuk, as filed by MP Andriy Teteruk (...). Viktor Medvedchuk, the head of the pro-Russian organization 'Ukrainian Choice - The Right of the People' and the Head of the Political Board of 'Opposition Platform-For Life' party made a loud statement during the party convention in Kyiv on January 29. He claimed that there's a need to create the so-called 'autonomous region of Donbas', including the creation of its own parliament and government - and the following legalization of such status in the Constitution of Ukraine. His plan foresees that the autonomous region of Donbas is created in the composition of Ukraine. He believes that such agreements on the status of Donbas may be reached within the Kyiv-Donetsk-Luhansk-Moscow format', Larysa Sargan, the spokeswoman of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, wrote.

'Considering that, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine Article 1, Ukraine is a unitary state, the territorial system is envisioned in Article 133 of this Law, as well as the fact that Russian Federation, by providing self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DNR, LNR) with live force, armament and other materials is carrying out aggressive actions against Ukraine, the proclamation of the concept of the formation of an autonomous region in Donbas promotes the legalization of the temporarily occupied territory contrary to the Constitution and assists a foreign state in conducting subversive activities against Ukraine, including information support. 
Under such circumstances, in the actions of Medvedchuk V. there are signs of crimes provided for in Part 1, Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, - encroachment on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, and Part 1, Article 11 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, - state treason. The Constitution of Ukraine legislatively enshrines the territorial system of Ukraine (art.133), which provides that Donetsk and Luhansk regions are administrative and territorial units within the state', she added.

The case materials will be handed over to the SBU, the State Security Service of Ukraine.


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