MEP Radacovsky: President must respond to letters from opposition leaders

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Member of the European Parliament from Slovakia believed Zelensky's first task would be to establish peace in Ukraine
15:54, 21 June 2020

MEP  from Slovakia Miroslav Radačovský
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The president of any country must respond to letters from opposition leaders. The Member of the European Parliament from Slovakia Miroslav Radačovský commented on the open letter from the Chairman of Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life Party and MP Viktor Medvedchuk to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“This is not only political responsibility, it is ethical and cultural one. When the parliament consists of parliamentarians of various political countries, it is bad that the president is not answering question of the parliamentarians, it is very bad. If this happened - I think, I’m not talking about Ukraine - in cultural countries, if the president is not answering, there would be an impeachment. It is impossible for the president not to answer the is morally necessary to answer. This is my opinion, what else can I say,” the MEP said.

Radacovsky stressed that Ukrainians and Russians needed to cooperate, because the cooperation would solve all the problems.

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“When I vote in the European Parliament, I always vote so that there are no sanctions against the Russian Federation. Because sanctions are the way to hell, people need to cooperate. When peoples cooperate, the problems are solved. And many in the European Parliament agree with my opinion ... I, Slovaks, Czechs, Bulgarians, I don’t know about the Poles, I regret that Ukrainian and Russian people are fighting among themselves ... To stop this, we must comply with the Minsk agreements," he said.

Radačovský believed that the first thing that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky would do after his inauguration was to establish peace in Donbas.

“I thought when Zelensky became president, because he was Russian-speaking, his first task would be to establish peace in eastern Ukraine. And I then spoke with the Deputy of the European Parliament. I thought that when Zelensky succeeds in achieving peace in the east, he will be given the Nobel Prize. And now I don’t know how it is ... but we need peace, we need to talk,” Radačovský added.

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As we reported before, Opposition Platform - For Life insists that Zelensky publicly respond to the letter that Medvedchuk wrote to him.

In a letter to Zelensky, Medvedchuk called on the head of state to accept the reality in which he exists.

"The President must accept the reality in which he exists - Ukraine you learned about, perhaps even more than you wanted, its problems and difficulties, desires and expectations. But this will inevitably have to be done if you want to build Ukraine, instead of pretending that you are building it, to improve people's lives, instead of “carry out reforms,” the letter reads.

"If you want to make Ukraine a successful country, then you should start with yourself. And to be successful as the President it does not mean to follow the path of concentrating the power, as Yushchenko, Yanukovych and Poroshenko did," Medvedchuk concluded.

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