Medvedchuk: U.S. Embassy’s statements on which vaccines Ukraine should buy are one of external control elements

Source : 112 Ukraine

The politician stressed that he was trying to give Ukrainians an opportunity to get vaccinated against coronavirus
17:55, 11 December 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
112 Agency

Statements by the U.S. Embassy on which vaccines against coronavirus Ukraine needs to buy cannot be called anything other than external control. This was stated by the Chairman of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life, MP Viktor Medvedchuk in an interview with TV channels.

He stressed that the most pressing problem of the safety of people around the world was the coronavirus and the fight against it. The politician recalled that he had reached an agreement at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in early October, given that the world's first Sputnik V vaccine had been registered in August, to create conditions for the purchase of that vaccine in order to vaccinate Ukrainian citizens.

"And he agreed. Moreover, this issue was worked out, appropriate calls were made, different possibilities were studied. He said: ‘yes, we can do it, if the authorities really do it, if it is in the established legal order is registered in Ukraine, we can do this.’ But, as you know, more than two months have passed, and the Minister of Health said on the air: ‘well, of course, we are considering any vaccines, including the Russian one.' A few days later he visited (apparently by accident) the U.S. Embassy and the Charge d'Affaires of the United States in Ukraine, which said, not the Minister of Health, I stress, that Ukraine would not buy the Russian vaccine. This more than speaks about external control, and, unfortunately for me, about the colonial status of our country, and about many other things," Medvedchuk stressed.

He noted that it had been decided to act differently after that – to give Ukrainians an opportunity to get vaccinated against coronavirus by producing the Sputnik V vaccine in Ukraine. Moreover, thousands of our fellow citizens from all over the country asked Viktor Medvedchuk about it.

“It was the appeals of the non-governmental organizations, many structures, scientific and research institutes that said – Viktor Volodymyrovych, it seems that the authorities will not purchase the Russian vaccine, maybe, it is possible to agree on its production? Since that time I thought that, really, we need to follow the way for getting one of the most modern technologies on the production of the vaccine in Russia to launch the production in Ukraine. I really have met Mr. Putin and raised this issue. I argued that today, the issue of the production might be better to make the authorities to agree it and the most important – to protect the Ukrainian citizens through the mass vaccination. After this meeting, the President of Russia ordered the Director-General of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.  I would like to remind that it is the structure headed by Kirill Dmitriev, that holds the coordination of the production of this vaccine in the territory of Russia; firstly – the second vaccine is registered in the territory of Russia; secondly – exactly this fund holds tied on the export of the vaccine and its production in other countries. He made such an order. In a few days, I met with him, met with academician Gintsburg, the author, Gamaleya Center developed this vaccine. We created a task group from the representative of Gamaleya Center’s scientists, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and representatives of our party who had to elaborate the possibility of passing, transfer of technologies and raw materials for production of the vaccine,” the politician added.

He reminded that Kharkiv Biolik enterprise might produce Sputnik V vaccine in Ukraine.

“It would seem, the most modern technology, the production in Ukraine. The advantage: first – the control of the state and state bodies over the process of the production after the receiving of raw materials. The raw materials as I said are the cell line that firstly is transferred from the produced, scientific developer, and only then it is raised in the terms of the enterprise that holds the production of this vaccine. The working place, tax payments, the possibility of production and provision of our people, and it is the most important, and event the possibility of production for export. But we heard strange statements from the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mr. Shmygal. Earlier, we heard from some pointy heads, so-called minister of the so-called healthcare in Ukraine who said that we say no to the Russian vaccine, calm down, there are Pfizer, Moderna, Astra and the Russian vaccine has not passed the third stage of the clinical trials yet. Absurd, primitivity and incompetence of these people lie in the fact, and I mean not only the so-called minister of health but also the so-called prime minister, that if they were interested they would know that Pfizer vaccine is on the third state of the clinical trials. Moderna is not registered in the U.S. as of the end of November and it is also on the third state of the clinical trials. Astra was also on the third state of the clinical trials. The efficacy of the first two vaccines – 94-95%, Astra – 70% averagely,” he noted.

The politician reminded that the third phase of clinical trials is the stage that begins after official registration and application.

“By the way, as stated by the Gamaleya Research Institute, Mr. Gintsburg, 150 thousand Russian citizens have been vaccinated in Russia as of yesterday. This number is without counting those who are undergoing clinical trials in the third phase. So, the third phase is the phase that confirms the effectiveness. I want to say that both Pfizer and Moderna will carry out this stage during a year, despite the contracts that have already been signed, and the pre-sales that they carry out. But if these smart people from the Ukrainian authorities knew about this, they, of course, would not be saying such absurd nonsense on this topic,” Medvedchuk said.

Moreover, the safety of the vaccine is checked in the first and second phases. It is checked and confirmed. This vaccine is safe. Or how it is done in Russia, 150 thousand have already been injected with vaccine and it is being tested on people to see if they will survive or die? Or, maybe, when our pro-government geniuses talk about a vaccine that they will buy somewhere, has someone already promised them that? Do we have purchase contracts? Do we have permission to manufacture the vaccine? Even in the COVAX system, which Ukraine allegedly wants to join, but has yet to do it, which unites 189 world countries under the auspices of the UN, there is no specificity, because COVAX system does not yet know what vaccine they will be given and what vaccine will be distributed. This is the situation for today,” Viktor Medvedchuk summed up.  

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