Medvedchuk on gas talks in Russia: Gas price can reduce at least by 25%

Source : 112 Ukraine

The recent negotiation in Moscow could affect the price that the Ukrainian people pay for gas, for heating and for hot water supply these days
08:31, 23 March 2019

Viktor Medvedchuk, chairman of the Political Party Opposition Platform - For Life
Opposition Platform - For Life

Viktor Medvedchuk, the Head of the Political Council of the “Opposition platform – For life” told the media about the recent negotiations between the Ukrainian delegation and the Russian officials in Moscow. As is known, Medvedchuk and pro-Russian presidential candidate Yuriy Boyko came to the Russian capital for the talks with Russia's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and CEO of Gazprom company Alexey Miller.

 This is what Medvedchuk said, describing the negotiations:

'Speaking about the direct gas supplies from Russia, I would like to outline what Yuriy Bouko and Gazprom head Alexey Miller stated that when we know the price of gas supply from Russia - and there is such an opportunity today - it can be a subject of new negotiations, of reducing the gas supplies to Ukraine by 25%'.

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'I would like to remind the media representatives that Ukraine bought gas at an average price of $300 per 1000 cubic meters in 2018. It was different, this price, for example, in November, and in December it was $319, in January of this year it was $318, but the average price was $300. Therefore, today, if we talk about the reduction of the possible price as a result of agreements and conducting a deal on direct gas supplies, this reduction may already occur by at least 25% from January 1, 2020'.

'This is a very important question because this question will affect the price the Ukrainian people pay for gas, for heating, and for hot water supply these days. We can significantly reduce these rates. And we must not forget that this gas is used both in the industry and in production, which can also reduce the cost of production, make it more profitable, and therefore more competitive'.

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'Speaking of the natural gas transmission system of Ukraine, we should outline that Ukraine’s interests are not simply in extending gas transit, because it is limited by the technical capabilities and economic viability of the Russian Federation, in this case by the Gazprom. Why? Because the balance of gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine, which was carried out by the natural gas transmission system, will decrease after the introduction of the Nord Stream-2 and two lines of the Turkish Stream'.

'This balance will decrease primarily due to the natural gas transmission system of Ukraine, because this gas transit is much cheaper via the Nord Stream - 2 and Turkish Streams, as it is a shorter way. And this proves the economic feasibility of those who trade in gas, in other words, the Russian Federation'.

'Hence, our position is that we must still conduct an agreement and create a gas transportation consortium  in order to interest the Russian side, and this amount of gas which will be transited in the future, will be bigger than the one that will be after the introduction of the Nord Stream - 2 and two lines of the Turkish Stream'.

'That’s why this is the goal that Ukraine needs to achieve, then it will be really economically profitable and then it will improve the incomes of our people, budget revenues and development, and will foster the possibilities for the development of our economy'.

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'This is the main task as well as the restoration of economic relations, which has already been mentioned, because we are now talking about segments - this is both gas and gas transit, this is very important for Ukraine, and important for our citizens. But the most significant thing is to restore the potential of economic relations between our countries or to try to find ways to restore them after the crisis, after mutual sanctions, after restrictions related to the free trade zone with the EU and much more, which, unfortunately, creates the crisis relations between Ukraine and Russia'.

'I would also like to say that we, as a delegation from Ukraine, as representatives of the Opposition Platform - For Life, Yuriy Boyko - as our presidential candidate, we stand for the fact that a new stage could begin, and we want to believe in it, and we will do our best, what is possible in our political power, that this stage of restoring pragmatic economic relations, primarily at Ukraine’s and the Ukrainian people interests, could not just begin, but continue to develop. This is our strategic goal, we are confident that it is correct, and we will do everything in our power to achieve this goal'. 

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