Medvedchuk: Lockdown is another PR of authorities, as they pretend doing something

Source : 112 Ukraine

The weekend quarantine has not changed the situation with the growth of Covid-19 incidence significantly
18:54, 11 December 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
112 Agency

The authorities that cannot deal with the coronavirus epidemic are engaged in PR and speculation even on lockdown issue as Chairman of Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life Party Viktor Medvedchuk stated.

“You know, I would like to say that this lockdown, I would call it ‘speculation on lockdown’s issue’ as it is so. The speculation on lockdown’s issue. Firstly ‘we will announce it now’, later ‘we will announce it later’, then this ‘later’ was announced for holidays – ‘okay, let it pass, let announce it after the holiday’. You noted right that if transport – railway, city – will work, if hotels will work, if the restaurants will work – then who will not work? What is the point of the quarantine measures, restriction of the communication with people and construction of the artificial barrier for the spread of the disease? What is it? I would tell you: everything is simple. It is another PR of the authorities. ‘Let’s do it, we announced quarantine then and we deterred it’. How we did – have I already told you, yes? At the beginning of October, 100-110 deceases were reported, unfortunately, today this number is 260-280 and God Forbid, this number will increase,” the politician noted.

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He reminded that the weekend quarantine has not changed the situation with the growth of Covid-19 incidence significantly.

“How lockdown or weekend quarantine influenced? Three weekend quarantines in a row, Saturday and Sunday; it took place; did somebody say the actions, their consequences and efficacy? Nobody said. I believe that this efficiency – it is determined closer to Wednesday or Thursday. Why? Firstly, on Saturday, we have the last data on Friday, it is more or less real than on Sunday we have data on Saturday when nobody is tested, then on Monday, we have data on Sunday when nobody is also tested. Tuesday is the beginning of testing; on Wednesday-Thursday, we see real results and a decrease of number. In other words, we observe a picture, not considering the state of the healthcare system, hospitals, drugs; the horrors that not only people face but also the doctors and their provision with necessities to help people; not considering the horrible,  disastrous situation with a healthcare system that should really act today – I even do not say ‘reformed’ but it should be cardinally and strategically changed starting from the minister and ending with the management system of this vitally important strategic sphere of Ukraine. That is why all these lockdowns and others are attempts to show that the authorities do something. The authorities do something but that's as far as it goes. In fact, we see that the authorities do nothing and the most important and most horrible that the authorities are not going to do something. It does not just wonder it causes outrage and it should objectively be estimated by our people,” Medvedchuk added.



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