Medvedchuk huntings: Kyiv may pretend nothing happens, but world sees where Ukraine falls

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There was information about the preparation of an assassination attempt
19:51, 25 February 2019

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After the session of the Oppositional platform “For Life” on January 29, Viktor Medvedchuk , the  head of the political council, suggested the plan on settling the  conflict on the East of Ukraine down (it is based on Minsk agreements, it includes the direct negotiation between Kyiv-Donetsk-Luhansk-Moscow, the return of people through real security guarantees, the consolidation of the autonomous status of the Donbas in the Constitution of Ukraine). The criminal proceedings were launched against the politician, in addition, there was information about the preparation of an assassination attempt.

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These threats have attracted a number of foreign publications: Neue Zürcher Zeitung, France-Presse, France 24, Belsat, Newsweek, PAP, Confidencial, Daily Times, RTL, Fronda and others. Political repression against Viktor Medvedchuk was also condemned by representatives of the European Parliament. The European Parliamentarians supported him: David Coburn, William Dartmouth, Nathan Hill, Stephen Woolf, Jonathan Arnot from Great Britain, from Germany - Arne Gericek, and also from Latvia - Andriy Mamykin. This question was even discussed at the UN Security Council.

However, important is not only the Ukrainian opinions but foreign as well.

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The current government of Kyiv keeps silence. Although when somebody needs to clear his or her reputation, then we see a new great story about assassination attempt of Viktor Shokin. But when it is “inappropriate” politician, no one cares.

In fact, it refers to the committing of illegal actions that have the dispositive features of a particularly grave crime under article 14, paragraphs 11, 12, part 2, of article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ("Preparing a deliberate murder on an order by prior convocation of persons"). This is a very serious article. Moreover, Ukraine has already seen resonance murders tat were committed openly – they have not yet been discovered.

This threat is real one, as Viktor Medvedchuk believes himself. “Naturally, after the information attack in the public during last years, any such statement should be taken seriously by normal people. I refer myself to normal people and therefore, of course, I take it seriously, but I understand that this is the result of the fact that many people and, above all, the authorities do not like my political activities, my position, including the peaceful settlement in Donbas, the restoring economic relations with Russia, and a radical change in the economics of our country. Naturally, the current government as well as many national radicals do not need that”, - the politician said.

According to the ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, as well as some authoritative press services report that "SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have formed a special group for the operational development of Medvedchuk and people from his immediate circle" to "arrange a raid on Medvedchuk, having engaged executors from the "Right sector" in order to intimidate him or to physically remove,  depending on the development of the pre-election situation in Ukraine. "

In fact, Ukrainian radicals have long been planning to eliminate Medvedchuk. And they do not hesitate to say this publicly. For example, the MP Parasyuk stated at a meeting of the public council in Kramatorsk: "I believe that Medvedchuk should be physically destroyed, the special services should deal with this."

In February 2016, the participants insisted on the physical liquidation of Viktor Medvedchuk at the meeting of “the Military wing of Maidan” at the House of Officers with the participation of such MPs from the “People's Front” party - Levus, Vysotskiy, and Kniazhytskiy. The law enforcement agencies even launched the criminal proceeding due to this fact.

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In February 2018, Dmytro Korchynsky, the leader of Bratstvo called for physical liquidation of Medvechuk, and in September 2018 Dmytro Yarosh joined to that as well.

The armed attacks, seizures, and arsons of Medvechuk’s office were committed any times, as the result lives and health of workers were endangered as well.

The law enforcement agencies know these facts pretty well, but they do nothing. Moreover, some MPs have some connections with special services, who order them to act so in accordance with the government. Instead of investigation of those events, the law enforcers just cover the pieces of evidences and are launching the criminal proceeding just as a formality.

On February 21, 2019, Shevchenkivsky District Court of Kyiv considered the complain of MP Vasyl Nimchenko about the inaction of the prosecutor of the State Investigation Bureau about the non-enrolment of the information about commitment of the criminal offense to the Unified register of the pre-trial investigation on the basis of the parliamentary appeal of MPs Volodymyr Rabinovych, Vasyl Nimchenko, and Nestor Shufrych. Listening to the arguments given during the court session, the court made a decision to force the prosecutor of the State Investigation Bureau to put information about the commitment of the criminal offense to the register and begin the pretrial investigation on the possible assassination attempt on Viktor Medvedchuk.

Nevertheless, the State Investigation Bureau (SIB) is hesitant to execute the decision of the court. “Opposition platform – For life” is sure that the inaction of the SIB shows that “the SIB, as the law enforcement system in general, first of all, is guided by the political and ideological usefulness. The absence of the response on the assassination attempt on the life of the opposition of the politician by the Prosecutor General’s Office shows the prejudice of the law enforcement bodies against Medvedchuk.”

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The issue is about the fact that the political views of Viktor Medvedchuk do not satisfy the political elite of the country as the politician stands for the settlement of peace on the east of Ukraine and restoration of the territorial integrity of the country. As he stated for many times, it is not profitable for a lot of people in Ukraine and the president does not have any political will for this but he has a powerful influence of the “war party”.
At the mentioned congress of “Opposition platform – For life”, Viktor Medvedchuk voiced the plan for the returning of Donbas to Ukraine. Later the Prosecutor General’s Office has opened the criminal case against Medvedchuk in the suspicion in the state treason and separatism. Spokeswoman of the Prosecutor General Larysa Sargan reported that the signs of the crimes provided by the Criminal Code of Ukraine can be seen in the actions of Medvedchuk (attack the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, state treason) and his statement at the Congress of the party on the necessity of the creation of the so-called of the “autonomous Donbas region” with the creation of its own parliament and government and the enshrining of such status in the Constitution of Ukraine.
Medvedchuk is sure that his plan is built on the Minsk Agreements, which fulfillment is insisted by the Ukrainian president. However, the authorities assumed a lot of efforts to make Ukraine forget about commitments taken by Kyiv.
Instead, the whole world actively wrote about the persecution of Medvedchuk. The information agencies draw attention to the formulation of the Prosecutor General’s Office “the attack on the territorial integrity and state treason of Ukraine” and the fact that the criminal case was opened on the appeal of MP Andry Teterchuk from “National Front” Party. The agencies note that Medvedchuk also participated in the negotiations on the prisoners’ exchange in the conflict between the pro-Russian militants in Donbas and governmental forces on the east of Ukraine. The world mass media are surprised that Medvedchuk with his views is not the subject of interest for the authorities, however, they stick to the same views and now the state machine has begun to move.

“It looks like the persecution for views. For views, which he possesses toward the solution of the issue of Donbas. Viktor Medvedchuk voiced his views; he has the right to state what he thinks”, MEP David Coburn is sure. At the same time, MPs emphasize that they can be disagree on his views, but they are obliged to respect another opinion and stick to the law. “You cannot suppress the views, attacking people, attempting on their lives. The duty of the government is to prevent such case. I can be disagree on his political view but I am definitely disagree on the attempts to suppress his views or kill him,” MEP Jonathan Arnott said. Some experts stick to the opinion that the information attack on Medvedchuk was begun to expel the political from the country and make him be silent. However, Medvedchuk himself denies such a scenario.

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“The aim is only one: to intimidate, stop me in my actions, statements in the things that aim for the settlement of the conflict directly today, the critical attitude toward the things happening in the country, showing the national radicalism, corruption, tariffs anarchy and other issue of modern Ukraine prevailing in the country. The authority does not recognize me and considers me to be an enemy,” Medvedchuk said. The politician assured that these things will not make him “to change his position, leave the country or stop the fight”.

The persecution of Viktor Medvedchuk is important for Ukraine from the point of view that the world society begins to suspect that there is no sign of democracy in Ukraine. “If Ukraine wants to be the independent, democratic state, which respects freedom of speech, freedom of the belief and self-expression; it should provide the representatives of different political parties with a possibility to express their political views both in the parliament and outside of it. If the prosecutors or the government decide that these views are unacceptable and use the police and courts to suppress these views, that it is not the democracy but dictatorship,” MEP Steven Woolfe recently stated. Remember the world of “big friend of Kyiv”, President of the European Council Donald Tusk. “Thoughtfully avoid the temptations of the radical nationalism and populism,” Tusk advices to the Ukrainians, hinting that Europe sees, where Ukraine rolls down.

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