Medvedchuk: Hungary, Israel, China, South Korea, Argentina and dozens of other countries already bought Russian vaccine from coronavirus

Source : 112 Ukraine

Viktor Medvedchuk believes that the Ukrainian government does not understand that vaccine is needed to preserve the health of our citizens
19:05, 11 December 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
112 Agency

While current Ukrainian authorities being under external rule stubbornly refuse to purchase Russian vaccine against coronavirus or produce it in our country, Hungary, Israel, China, South Korea, Argentina and dozens of other countries have already bought Sputnik V. This was stated by the Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life party and MP Viktor Medvedchuk in the interview with TV channels.

Why do we need a vaccine? In order to get vaccinated. Why get vaccinated? To preserve the health of our citizens. But our government does not understand this and our main task is to explain to people what kind of government is in Ukraine today. And what goals and objectives it sets. Because argumentation which sounds now is primitive and absurd: “There is no vaccine, we will wait for a real vaccine.” This vaccine, as the Prime Minister said, is not used in developed countries. I am glad for him that he considers Ukraine a developed country. But what about the estimates of Hungary, where this vaccine has already been imported? How about Israel? What about the fact that South Korea signed an agreement with Russian Direct Investment Fund for the production of 150 million doses of the vaccine in 2021, and its production in South Korea? What about those enterprises that will start producing vaccines in China, India, Brazil? Yesterday there was a statement that 10 million doses were purchased by Argentina, and President of Argentina is going to be the first to inoculate himself. Those are not “developed countries” of course. The Prime Minister believes so. Moreover, even the EU in its decision, stipulated that in the EU market, there has to be a conclusion of a special European commission, which determines it as the registrar of this medication in the EU. And if we are talking about some country, due to its national characteristics, wants to purchase this vaccine, then no one will interfere with this,” Medvedchuk stressed.

The politician recalled that the Russian Sputnik V could be produced in Ukraine by Biolik, the enterprise that was located in Kharkiv. According to Medvedchuk, it is able not only to satisfy the domestic market needs but also to produce a vaccine for export. However, this requires the permission of the registrar.

"They will not do it without a registrar. Do you think that Ukraine will give permission for the production of this vaccine, even for export to third countries? I think that we answer this question in the same way. But this does not mean that our party will conduct only explanatory work - this is far from the truth. We will not just explain to people that the government is destroying our citizens. I will explain to you why it is doing so very simply. When I arrived last time, after meeting with Putin, when we agreed that Ukraine could purchase the Sputnik V vaccine, the mortality rate was somewhere at the level of 90-110 people per day. The latest statistics: the day before yesterday - 266, yesterday - 282 deaths. And you should see how they began to speculate on the daily morbidity figures. Just compare the number of tests that were carried out and how many of those who got sick were actually diagnosed. And you will see that there are 67-70,000 tests when it is 15-17,000 cases. And when they show 8-10-11, this is 3-40,000 tests. It means that this issue is already regulated. For what? This is a direct deception of our citizens that leads to the following fact: what threatens national security, and people's health and life, which is precisely the main object of national security, is ignored by the authorities. The authorities are trying today to saddle something that they should not. I believe that the authorities act criminally in this context. Because you have to buy, you have to produce something that is recognized throughout the world as a potential solution. I have listed the countries, opportunities, seven million doses will be produced in Russia in January-February. Moreover, they will amount to 10-15 million later," added Medvedchuk.

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