Medvedchuk: Demonstration of radicals at our party's office is sign of narrow-mindedness and hopelessness

Source : 112 Ukraine

The politician emphasized that the right-wing radicals were trying to restore their political positions
21:30, 25 May 2020

Viktor Medvedchuk
112 Agency

The attack of national radicals on the office of the Opposition Platform - For Life is a sign of narrow-mindedness and hopelessness. The Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life Party, MP Viktor Medvedchuk said this on the Prime talk show on 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

"You know, I want to emphasize once again that this motto - the seventh year of Poroshenko’s reign went - he explains, among other things, the situation that happened last Saturday. The National Radicals, the war party are trying to demonstrate and attract attention. They’re leading the fight against the Opposition Platform - For Life, with the party, because it’s not only Medvedchuk’s office, it’s the office of our entire party there today. And making similar, as they consider, critical statements aimed at the fact that, you see, we violate the law in one way, they demonstrate only one thing: to attract attention, because they could not attract the attention of our voters during the parliamentary elections. The citizens of Ukraine gave them an assessment. Not only to them, but to the other forces that together made up the party Moreover, even if their representatives went to parliament in the form of "European solidarity," these are only fragments of this party of the war. And the main composition of the radicals, national radicals, they did not go to lamet," he said.

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The politician emphasized that today the right-wing radicals are trying to restore their political positions, and not just protest or picket, but blow up firecrackers, use paint, and resort to physical violence.

"As a result, the police also plays along with them and detains representatives of the party’s security service in the amount of 11 people - those who defended the office, those who defended against unlawful attacks by these so-called national radicals, who came to frolic again once again under our office parties. Demonstration of what is it? This is a demonstration of limitation and this is a demonstration of hopelessness. Indeed, there will be hopelessness for such forces. And they are trying to provide their limitations and demonstrate in such a way that at least someone noticed them. The war party in Ukraine has no chance, even if Mr. Zelensky will directly support them. Thank God he doesn’t directly support them yet, but then he is addicted and afraid of them, this is also obvious. This also demonstrates the behavior of the same police. But this in no way it’s not stopping. We’re not going to give up. The fight will continue, we are fighting for peace, we are fighting for better life in the country," Medvedchuk said.

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