Medieval obscurantism: Why Ukrainian users and media are wrong about the US elections

Author : Oleh Posternak

Source : 112 Ukraine

You have to be completely far from at least some decent understanding of the United States to believe that tomorrow the Americans will start killing each other out of political preferences
21:30, 11 November 2020

USA Today

Traditional medieval obscurantism was staged by Ukrainian users on Facebook over the Biden / Trump victory, not hiding their personal sympathies and far-fetched personal geopolitics behind the verbal skirmish. As if they are paid money and have to defend their hard-earned profit.

Another targeting of ordinary people and web users took place through the support of Biden or Trump. Moreover, the section occurs in a classic way:

  • A national-democratic and anti-Russian contingent that sees in Biden's victory the coming weakening of Russia and the end of Zelensky in Ukraine (arguments for the choice of the American people, the total number of votes in favor of Biden, support of celebrities);
  • The Russian-speaking public, habitually resisting nationalism and sharply mirroring the sentiments of the first contingent, forcing them to be more active and sharply worried about Trump (arguments of judicial appeal, control over the Supreme Court, voting fraud).

The first is frantically waiting for the "end" of Russia, while the latter want a civil war in the United States. Are you serious?

You have to be completely far from at least some decent understanding of the United States to believe that tomorrow the Americans will start killing each other out of political preferences. Rallies in the United States are common. And after them, there will be nothing, mind you. And a certain part of the republican party elite is looking forward to "getting rid" of this typhoon man. Therefore, most likely, Republicans will take a position of quiet neutrality in relation to Trump's ridiculous attempts to put on a "court show." And where the Republican establishment has influence over the courts, there will be no clear instructions. The party will surrender to Trump. As a misunderstanding and a memory of the ultra-right populist U-turn of 2016 in response to Obama's liberal rule. He played and that's enough. It's time to make serious politics.

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Still others believe that an ardent Russophobe has ascended to the presidency. It is he who will finally release the long-awaited anaconda, which will firmly squeeze frail and sickly Putin in his ring. And Crimea, and Donbas, and all that. You don't need to know American handwriting to believe in this nonsense. The US is not going to destroy Putin with its own hands. On the contrary, no matter how the war in Donbas suddenly intensifies due to the focus of interests of the new US administration. In parallel with the Karabakh events, the political aggravation in Georgia, the prolonged and "sleepy" revolution in Belarus, the construction of hotbeds of instability in Central Asia. Democrats in the United States are predominantly expansionists, while Republicans are predominantly isolationists (or moderate expansionists).

And further. What surprised me very unpleasantly was the open bias of the Ukrainian media in relation to the American elections and their results. For the first time, they so clearly and boldly pasted the necessary understanding due to the puppy's loyalty to their owners or donors. It was defined in headings, wording, interpretations, and conclusions.

Some media (obviously living on grants) were drowning for Biden, some succumbed to the flair of the Russian media and copy-pasted their trend, lining themselves in front of Trump. This is sad, fellow journalists. If you want to turn your resources into yellow pages for the sanitary needs of your owners – it’s your right. But people are not stupid. We hope so.

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