May 8 or May 9? Guests of The Pulse TV show share their views

Source : 112 Ukraine

This time, a part of the regular Tuesday night program on 112 TV channel was dedicated to the historical memory and tribute to the WWII, its combatants, and victims
23:01, 7 May 2019

‘Pulse’ talk show on Jan. 22, 2019
112 Agency

Guests of The Pulse talk show gathered at a studio of 112 Ukraine TV channel on May 7. At some point, the hosts asked MPs, reporters and political experts what kind of days are May 8 and May 9; what exactly should be marked, when, and why it should be marked at all.

Rostyslav Balaban, political expert

We should celebrate, remember, pay tribute on the Day of Peace and Day of Reconciliation. We don't need any of this opposition between the left and the right, the green and the red. There are two days, the Day of Memory and the Day of Peace. May 8 and May 9. A day of mourning, to remember those fallen people. 

Oleksandr Solontay, political expert

It is a custom in Europe to mark this day on May 8. I'll do it on May 8. But as long as anyone wants to do so May 9, let it be. If someone wants to mark both days, or someone can't do it either of the days, let him observe the custom another day. But it's important to do this. Let everyone do it any suitable day. But the key thing is to pay tribute and remember, not to forget and ignore.

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Nestor Shufrych, MP

May 9 is a holiday we received through tears of our grand- and grand-grandfathers. So, May 9 is a holy day. I'd rip off the arms of anyone trying to get rid of this holy day. If I'm not mistaken, the difference between May 9, celebrated in the ex-USSR countries and the Day of Reconciliation in Europe is some two hours. We should celebrate May 9 for sure. It's our tribute to those who deceased. The Great Patriotic War ended on May 9, 74 years ago; to me, it's Great and Patriotic alike. On May 8, we can talk, remember people. Perhaps, it's a good time to reconcile as well, but it should never affect the celebration of May 9, the Victory Day.

Taras Shkiter, reporter

I believe a person celebrates it whenever he or she believes it is necessary. I will celebrate on May 8 and May 9, but I'll have rest on May 9 only, because it's the only day off. 

Vadym Karasyov, the director of Global Strategies' Institute

One can do it in private both on May 8 and 9. One can choose to celebrate or not to celebrate. The problem is about the state's position. Is this a national holiday or not? It is about the point of view of the government - when's the day off should be, on May 8 or 9? By celebrating on May 8, we became closer with the European custom. But who's the winner in Europe? It was thanks to the USSR and the U.S., USSR and Ukraine, to the greater extent. There were four Ukrainian fronts during the war... One has to celebrate May 9, which is the national holiday. One can celebrate May 8 as well, but it's more of a private matter, not that of the state.

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