Lviv roads are terriblly damaged after winter, - Lviv City Council deputy

Source : 112 Ukraine

Lviv City Council deputy Valeriy Veremchuk also said public transport works really bad in the city
19:18, 20 February 2019

Lviv City Council deputy Valeriy Veremchuk comment on Lviv roads
112 Agency

After winter, Lviv is practically left without roads. Such a horrible situation occurred for the first time over many years, as the member of Lviv City Council Valeriy Veremchuk said on air of 112 Ukraine.

“There are many problems in the city, and the situation with the roads is terrible, first time over many years. Therefore, no wonder, people protest and demand not promises but good roads, at least without pits,” he said.

“Today Lviv is quite similar to Kyiv in terms of traffic, as public transport works really bad, so people mostly use their own vehicles, this problem concerns all Lviv residents and our guests. There are no normal actions and excuses for this, as we know that city mayor is busy with his election campaign,” he added.

Veremchuk also commented on the protest of dissatisfied drivers in Lviv.

"These balloons probably symbolize the empty words coming a lot from the leaders of the city. The picture drawn by the words does not correspond at all to the real situation people face everyday when going home or to work, or simply being in the city. Unfortunately, when I raised this question, the Deputy City Mayor said that the warranty period is only two years, so it they are not being repaired. This is nonsense, it is unknown who signed such contracts, many roads have been repaired during the recent years. It turns out that it was by the community means and it is necessary to invest huge funds to the budget to repair these roads. Unfortunately, the situation with money in the city budget is difficult, we have many loans; a lot of obligations and this inheritance will be a trouble for the next government and the next mayor to solve, "he said.

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"This is a direct responsibility of Sadovy, as the head of executive bodies of the city council, who controls the specialized deputies, departments, administrations, and other officials. There was no active deputy structure for the last three cadences that I have been work in the city council. Therefore, here, apart from political will, of course, we need a lot of money. Unfortunately, the city is in a difficult situation: it has loans, leasing contracts for millions of dollars. Only this year we pay 16.6 million dollars for the loan servicing. I have already appealed at the city mayor's sessions, that this is done at the expense of future generations. By 2030, the next generations of Lviv residents will be paying these debts, "he said.

Earlier it was reported that Lviv drivers complain about the bad roads in the city. The activists put in the masks of Lviv officials, poured paint over the hollow spots and put there water balloons symbolizing asphalt.

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