Lutsenko’s speech in Parliament: Top 5 quotes

Source : 112 Ukraine

The key candidate for Ukraine’s Prosecutor General delivered the speech before Ukrainian MPs
17:52, 12 May 2016

112 Agency

I go for this office to bring new people there, the ones with the background in the judiciary, who have never worked there before. I believe that’s the only way to turn this “burial ground” into the true defender of the state and its people. I hope to find there some honest professionals who managed to stay in their offices under all previous governments.

I think you do remember how wives of high-ranked police officers made sandwiches during the Euromaidan; how workers of the Prosecutor’s Office wore civilian clothes and came there to support protesters? I believe they’re still there, in that office. We will be able to gather enough new people and form a team to serve the law and the people.  With the aid of these people, I hope to work on cases against top-rank officials who haven’t been in too much of a hurry in assisting the court. I am about to re-open cases of incumbent and former Ukrainian officials.

Prosecutor General’s Office cannot put a person into jail. Only the court has the authority to decide that. I will not avenge anything. It all looks a bit different to me: you should pick friends so that you don’t have to put them into jail. I have no list of convicts I’m going to put behind the bar or something. 

Let me say this to those thinking that the Prosecutor General should have higher judicial education: dear Yulia Volodymyrivna (Tymoshenko, - 112 International), you and me were put behind the bars by the people with the judicial background. Proper education is not the guarantee of Prosecutor’s Office working for public welfare.

Mr. Poroshenko and me came to Odesa on the second day after those tragic events (the street riots of May 2, 2014). I remember the eyes of the locals… The city of sun, humor and human warmth was badly shocked in that moment. I guess the investigation should be carried out properly. I don’t know all the details so far, but I’ll check on the investigation’s status personally. 

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