Lockdown returns. What restrictions are imposed in world due to Delta strain

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The latest information on restrictions in different countries
19:44, 13 August 2021

Lockdown in Australia
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The World Health Organization (WHO) in mid-July announced the beginning of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic due to the aggressive Delta strain, which has already spread to 142 countries. More and more countries are recording new outbreaks and returning restrictions: some gradually, and some have already been banned people from leaving home without urgent need. There are also new "lockdown trends": France has made life difficult for the unvaccinated (access to restaurants and bars will be closed for them), and the United States has introduced mandatory vaccinations for civil servants.

Read on to find out what restrictions currently exist in different countries. The data is constantly updated. So...

Ukraine is still discussing what the lockdown will be like. Details are here:

On August 11, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the state of emergency and adaptive quarantine until October 1, 2021. Meanwhile, the possibility of a lockdown is not excluded. Decisions on the introduction of certain restrictions in the city, district or region will be made by local authorities.

The Ministry of Health plans to delay the lockdown as much as possible, as the Chief Sanitary Doctor Ihor Kuzin says. The date of a possible lockdown has not yet been announced.

Kyiv has already started preparing for the new quarantine and a system of issuing special passes for public transport is being tested.

The future lockdown will be different from the previous ones due to mass vaccination. Schools will work if more than 80% of teachers are vaccinated. The same privileges for coronavirus vaccines during lockdown can be introduced for cinemas, museums, and other public events.


Israel approved new restrictions on August 11 to curb the spread of the Delta strain. The "green pass" is also extended to swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, and shopping malls. This rule will come into force on August 18.

lockdown in Israel
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Children of 3-12 years old will have to show a negative test result at the entrance. Children 12 and older who do not have good reasons not to get vaccinated will have to pay for a rapid test.

It was decided to return to the "purple standard" in shopping and commercial centers, occupancy of which will be calculated by the formula: one person - for 7 square meters. "Purple Standard" will take effect on August 16.

There will also be restrictions on holding mass events.

Up to 50 people indoors In private homes, and places that are not covered by the "green standard," and up to 100 people - on the street.


The Australian capital, Canberra, will be closed for a week quarantine after a coronavirus case is detected. During the lockdown, residents of the capital will be able to leave their homes only to go to the store for the necessary goods, to work and to study, if there is no opportunity to work and practice remotely, and to visit hospitals and vaccinations.

Lockdown in Australia
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It is allowed to do sports on the street, but not more than an hour a day. Lockdown has been in place in Sydney for seven weeks. Last week, authorities introduced a lockdown in the country's second-largest city, Melbourne.

Japan not to admit audience at the Paralympic Games

The authorities of Japan are seriously concerned about the epidemiological situation in Tokyo amid the spread of coronavirus. The audience will not be allowed to visit almost all events of the Paralympic Games that should open on August 24. The government and organizers of the Games will make an official decision next week.

In Tokyo, the emergency state is introduced: restaurants and bars are banned from selling alcoholic beverages and they can work until 22:00.

South Korea

The recommendations on the ban for leaving the country were extended in South Korea for another month. Besides, the Foreign Ministry of South Korea has urged the citizens of the countries who live abroad to observe all measures of sanitary precaution.

People are urged to reduce to a minimum the travels for vacations and asked the companies to allow employees to work from home amid the fourth wave of the infection and shortage of the vaccines.

France has introduced privileges for vaccinated people

In France, it is impossible to visit a restaurant or bar (including outdoor terraces) without the “sanitary pass”. Moreover, the obligatory vaccination against coronavirus is introduced for medical employees and people who work with people from the risk groups.


The French authorities hope that the extension of the “sanitary pass” will encourage the citizens to vaccinate more actively and it can prevent the fourth wave of the coronavirus as its beginning is feared due to the quick spread of the extremely contagious Delta strain.

The U.S. introduces restrictions for unvaccinated public employees

The restrictions are introduced for public employees who are not vaccinated. They will be obliged to wear masks at the working place and pass the test for coronavirus a few times per week. Moreover, they will be restricted in their working trips.

The Americans who get the first dose of the vaccine will be paid $100.



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