Line-up of Zelensky's PR project called Crimean Platform is a fail

Author : Oleh Voloshyn

Source : 112 Ukraine

Oleh Voloshyn, the MP from Opposition Platform - For Life party shares his view on this initiative
16:50, 19 August 2021

Volodymyr Zelensky
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I believe anyone who knows a thing or two in international relations understands that such a line-up of members of Zelensky's PR project called Crimean Platform is a fail. I'll explain it as follows:

1. They called the event a summit - not a forum or a conference, which means a meeting of heads of states and governments (real decision makers, if it comes to political order of respective countries; presidents of Hungary or Slovenia don't go to EU or NATO summits. I wonder how many people in Ukraine know any political figures in Hungary except for Orban). But even if we put that significant argument aside, there's still 14 heads of governments [expected on that summit].

2. One could have just little knowledge of diplomacy, but it still would be enough to call a number of countries that would gladly send top-level delegations to Kyiv - given their attitude to Russia and their tasks in domestic policy. I, for one, called Poland, Baltic States, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. I was wrong; the latter four send the delegations of a quite different level. Canada and the UK surprised me the most (after the incident with HMS Defender!) Organizers [of the event] had something gone wrong, and it needs to be sorted out.

3. Erdogan is not going to come, despite the fact that this initiative was created with consideration of his part in it. I had no doubts he would come. But it appears that relations with Moscow are more important. Over the last year, Zelensky's office almost revered Turkey (and Great Britain), letting them invest in construction of roads, defense industry, etc. The "Turkish accent" of this event did a lot to keep the representatives of Greece and Cyprus away from it. They consider Turkey a breacher of territorial integrity, just like Ukraine considers Russia.

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4. Let's consider the expansion of Ukraine's support circle when it comes to Crimea - beyond the political definition of "the West". It's a disaster. In 2014, more than 100 member countries of UN General Assembly supported the resolution on Crimea. China, which eagerly protects its territorial integrity is not represented there even on the level of ambassador. The situation is more or less the same, when it comes to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, and South African Republic, all of which cooperate with Russia. On the whole, there are no representatives of the G7 on the level of heads of governments [in this event]. The same concerns G20. How Slovenia or Estonia could help us get Crimea back is a rhetorical question. Not even UAE or Qatar, which Zelensky clings up to so much, are represented there. The entire Islamic world will be only represented by Turkish Foreign Minister.

5. As for the U.S. delegation, it's been already discussed. What kind of a joint document could be approved by President of Poland and the Ambassador of Australia? How can one let hem take a seat at the same table without breaking a diplomatic protocol? How a gathering of professional Russophobes and the foreign ministers who decided to join them could surprise the Kremlin?

Well, I actually realize that a lot of efforts were put into it. And one should not blame those who executed it, but those fans of megalomania who see things based on their form - not content.

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Oleh Voloshyn

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